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Readers Respond: What is the Best Tax Software?

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The Readers' Choice Awards showcased the best personal finance software and tax software in five categories, as chosen by readers. Voting is now closed, but take a look at the results.

e-smart totally messed up

e-smart failed to file for my Michigan Homestead Exemption then blamed me for the oversight. They were using my 2010 tax form which included the exemption. None of the information changed, but they refuse to take responsibility. Rather, they tell me I have to file an amendment through their partner, Liberty Tax Service - and pay another fee.
—Guest Roberta

I love eSmart Tax

I've used eSmart Tax for the last few years and love it (voted for them too!) Not sure what the first comment is all about - they put their federal prices right on their home page in big, red letters! And their prices are much cheaper than Turbo Tax and Block. Plus, I looked, and their tax support is free this year (I think I paid $20 last year!) Gotta love free stuff! Woohoo!
—Guest Trish

eSmart Doesn't Disclose All the Costs

Any software that does not show it's actual price is not worth looking at. eSmart puts the price of state return (19.95), but does not disclose the price of federal return on product page. Sorry, not legit in my book
—Guest Pete68

I recommend Tax Act as Best Tax Software

For the past several years, I have used Tax Act for Windows Download and like how simple it is to use. As an added bonus, the FAFSA wizard makes filling out financial aid forms for college easier. That used to take me a while to prepare and with Tax Act, it is extremely simple when I need to do my renewal FAFSA.
—Guest Brandon De Hoyos

Recommend Complete Tax!

I have used Complete Tax for years and recommend it. Simple, easy to use , and price is reasonable. Never had any problems with the software.
—Guest Mary C

Tax Act! is the only way to go

I've used TaxAct for about 3 years now, they have video tutorials and offer free support! They support simple returns as well as complex ones and are VERY user friendly. I only recommend TaxAct!
—Guest Matthew P

eSmart is a great product

I used eSmart this year to file my taxes and it was easy and I already have my refund back! I am not surprised they won and am glad others have experienced the software as well!
—Guest Kara

Fast easy

Loved it. I was able to file fast with their easy to use software. Will definitely be back next year.
—Guest Allen


eSmart Tax? Never heard of them. Can you say "gaming the system"? (Guide's comment: we had systems in place to ensure that if "system gaming" went on, it would be caught and would not be tolerated. I actually checked into why eSmart Tax had so many votes come in and discovered that they were rather adept at using social networking to ask for the votes.)
—Guest Jeff

eSmart Tax is the best!!

I voted for eSmart Tax because it is the best online software that I've ever used!! It's simple and easy to navigate. I came back to this site to see if eSmart won and it did! I love eSmart Tax because you get great service at a cheaper cost than other online tax companies! I will continue to recommend it to my friends. Thanks!!
—Guest Cole P
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