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Take Inventory of Your Stuff

It's easier to back up insurance claims when you have evidence of what you own. Home inventory software makes the task of documenting all your stuff much easier.

Money Management Apps
Financial Software Spotlight10

Send and Receive Money Using Gmail

Sending and receiving money using Gmail is easy and secure. Learn how to use this great feature in Gmail with these step by step instructions.

The Best iOS Apps for Saving Money in College in 2014

Save money while you're in college with a couple of these apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Save on books, meals and more.

Top Android Personal Finance Apps for 2014

Top picks for the best Android personal finance apps, updated monthly each month in 2014. Tax apps, budgeting apps, deal finding apps and others for Android mobile devices.

The Best Android Apps for Saving Money in College in 2014

2014 top picks for Android apps that help college students save money on books, meals and more and find rentals and apartments that fit the college budget.

iBank 5 for Mac Personal Finance Software Feature Review

iBank 5 for Mac personal finance software basic features review explains what you'll get when you start using iBank 5. Get the free trial link, too.

Get Help with Quicken

How to get help when using Quicken personal finance software.

Feex Finds Hidden Fees in Retirement and Investment Portfolios

Use FeeX to learn what investment-related fees are coming out of your portfolio and to get suggestions for alternative retirement and investment options with lower fees.

FlexScore Online App Offers Free Financial Planning and Advice

FlexScore review explains how this free online app scores your current financial picture and helps you make good financial decisions in an exciting way.

Top Android Apps for Tracking Savings Goals 2014

Top three Android apps for tracking savings goals: progress toward saving a set amount of money by a given date.

4 Easy Ways to Split Bills with a Group Online

Need to split bills with a group and track who has paid? One of these online apps will do it for you.

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