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H&R Block At Home: What You Get for Tax Year 2012

Tax Software Versions, Features and the Best Prices


H&R Block At Home personal tax software for tax year 2012 has versions for Windows and Mac computers,online tax software, mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and an iPad app that can be used to file more complicated returns on Form 1040.

Each version listed below includes:

  • Free federal eFile.
  • Tax questions answered for free via chat by a registered tax professional.
  • DeductionPro (calculates value of charitable deductions) is now integrated with desktop software and online apps.
  • If you have a simple return and used H&R Block At Home last year, the tax interview is customized based on last year's information to save time by not asking questions that don't apply to the return.
  • Free support and representation from an enrolled agent should you be audited.
Again this year, H&R Block offers the Free Online Edition, and Best of Both which combines At Home Premium online tax software for preparing your return with unlimited help and advice from a tax pro who also looks over your return before filing it for you.

State Tax Returns
Unless otherwise noted, online state returns can be added for $34.95. Most of the Windows or Mac software includes one state return (add more states for $39.95 each), but there's a $19.95 e-File fee. New York state residents are exempt from e-File fees. You can also check to see if your state offers free state income tax software, including free e-File.

  • Also see my H&R Block At Home 2012 Review to learn more about how the software works and to get my opinion of how it compares to other tax software.
Updated: 2/08/2013, prices subject to change

Free Edition

Find all the deductions you have coming with H&R Block At Home online tax software.
H&R Block At Home Online 2012
H&R Block At Home 2012 Free Edition is only offered as online tax software and is most appropriate for simple returns. It can be used for some more complex returns, but you won't get the same level of help with completing your return as you do with paid versions.

The Free Edition includes error checking, maximum refund and accurate calculations guarantees and H&R Block's Worry-free Audit Support with an agent who will assist you if you're audited. There's also an offer of one session of tax help via chat or email. If you think you'll want more tax advice, step-by-step guidance throughout your entire return or you would like to import last year's tax information, 1099 or W-2 forms instead of entering that information by hand, skip H&R Block At Home 2012 Free Edition and consider one of the paid versions covered below.

H&R Block At Home Free Edition includes one free federal e-File, and state tax return with e-Eile can be added for $27.95.

You'll need one of these browsers or a higher version to use this tax software: Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Safari 5.1.2 or Google Chrome 16.

H&R Block At Home Basic

If you have a simple tax return, H&R Block At Home is a good tax software option.
H&R Block At Home Basic 2012Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
The Basic Online, Windows or Mac software includes the same guarantees as the Free Edition, but adds a step-by-step tax interview to make completing your return easier and most likely faster. H&R Block At Home Basic also saves time by importing last year's tax data from TurboTax or H&R Block At Home and your W-2 and 1099 information. You can e-File up to five federal returns with the Windows and Mac software, but you'll pay $39.95 for a state return, which you can print and mail or pay $19.95 to e-File. H&R Block At Home Basic Online includes one free federal return, and it's $34.95 to add a state return.

The online tax software browser requirements are listed under the Free Edition above. The desktop tax software for Windows runs on XP SP3 or higher, Vista and Windows 7. Mac versions run on OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

H&R Block At Home Deluxe

H&R Block At Home Deluxe help you maximize deductions on your tax return.
H&R Block At Home Deluxe 2012Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
The Deluxe 2012 version includes all the features found in H&R Block At Home Basic, and the tax interview covers deductions more extensively:
  • Mortgage interest and real estate taxes.
  • Step by step help for entering investments, dividends, stock options and retirement income.
  • DeductionPro finds the highest legal amount deductible for non-cash charitable contributions.
  • One state return included ($19.95 e-File fee). For cost of additional states, see the Basic description above.

H&R Block At Home Premium

Use H&R Block At Home Premium to file taxes if you're self employed.
H&R Block At Home Premium 2012Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
The Premium tax software version adds advice and help for self employment or rental property income. All the features in H&R Block At Home Deluxe version are included, along with:
  • Schedule C guidance.
  • Tax planning tools.
  • Advanced tax calculators.

H&R Block At Home Best of Both

Do your own taxes and get professional tax guidance with H&R Block Best of Both.
H&R Block Best of BothHRB Digital LLC
The Block Best of Both package buys you the H&R Block At Home Premium online tax app and you send copies of your tax documentation via email, fax, mail, or drop it off at an H&R Block office so a tax professional can work with you on your return. The tax pro will look over your return and make any needed corrections, then e-Files the tax return for you. H&R Block Best of Both includes unlimited access to a tax professional all year long.

H&R Block At Home Premium & Business

Prepare small business and a personal tax return with H&R Block At Home Premium & Business.
H&R Block At Home 2012 Premium & BusinessImage courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
H&R Block At Home 2012 Premium & Business tax software is only available for Windows PCs. Included are all features in the Premium version with a business tax return for corporations, S corporations, partnerships and LLCs. Unlimited state tax returns are supported, one personal state return, and five federal personal e-Files included.
  • Payroll and employer forms (Forms 940, 941, W-2 and 1099).
  • Vehicle deductions, depreciation and business expenses.
  • Estates and trusts (Form 1041).
  • Non-profit returns (Form 990).
  • H&R Block At Home Premium & Business for Windows: $79.95 (Compare Prices)

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