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Spreadsheet Templates for Managing Money

Download templates to use with Microsoft Excel, Google Drive Spreadsheets and Open Office Calc to manage budgets and personal finances. Spreadsheet templates simplify formatting and formulas for you so you can start working on your personal finances right away.

The Best Free Budget Spreadsheets
Looking for an easy way to set up a budget in a spreadsheet? I've rounded up the best free budget spreadsheets for you. Some of these spreadsheet are used with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, and there are free online budget spreadsheets available as well.

The Best Free Debt Reduction Spreadsheets
These free debt reduction planning spreadsheets help you to determine which debt to pay off first and how to become debt free.

Google Docs Spreadsheet Templates
Google Docs has a good collection of spreadsheet templates for personal finance and small business finance.

PearBudget Spreadsheet Review: Manage Your Budget
PearBudget is a free, downloadable spreadsheet used to set up and manage your budget. To run PearBudget you need Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or any program that can run .XLS files.

It's Your Money Financial Spreadsheets for Excel and Open Office Calc
Spreadsheets from It's Your Money that make it easy to budget, keep a checkbook register and manage personal finances.

Calculating Loan Payments Using Excel's PMT Function
The PMT function, one of Excel's Financial functions, can be used to calculate the payments for a loan or the future value of an investment.

Rapid Payoff Calculator from ExcelGeek
Intro to Rapid Payoff Calculator. Put together a plan for paying off up to 15 debts with this Excel spreadsheet template. ExcelGeek's Rapid Payoff Calculator has great reports and graphs, and compares three types of paydown plans so you can choose the right plan to pay off debt fast.

Free Zero Based Budgets Spreadsheet
Free monthly budgeting spreadsheet for employing the zero based budget concept made popular by Dave Ramsey.

Stock Investment Performance Template for Excel or Open Office Calc
Track your stocks and see market value and gains with the value and per cent gain for all accounts.

Monthly Family Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Template
Comprehensive budget spreadsheet with inflow and outflow categories you can modify.

Free Home Budget Worksheet Download - Printable and Easy to Use
Simple spreadsheet for home or family budget with customizable categories.

Balloon Payment Loan Calculator - Spreadsheet Template
Calculate the monthly payments, total interest, and the amount of the ballon payment for a simple loan using this spreadsheet template for car, auto and mortgage loans.

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Template
Estimate the value of an annuity at retirement. Compare total payments to interest earned. Run simulations with random annual interest rates and a variable number of annual payments.

Wedding budget - Templates - Microsoft Office Online
An Excel template for planning a wedding and tracking a wedding budget. Also can be used with Open Office Calc.

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