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5 Ways to Track Cash in Personal Finance Software

Keep Cash Expenses Organized in Cash Accounts


Accounting for cash is necessary for a number of reasons, like budgeting accurately, tracking job related expenses, accounting for cash on hand for fund raisers, and much more. Use a cash account in financial software to account for these transactions.

Getting Start: Creating Cash Accounts

Refer to the Help information in your software if you're not sure how to set up a new account. In the account set up, select 'New Account' and 'Cash' as the account type, and use zero for the balance.

Check out the solutions listed below for tracking a variety of cash transactions. To use more than one of these methods, you probably need to create multiple cash accounts in your software to avoid confusion. If you use multiple cash accounts, give each one name that makes sense to you. For example, to track allowance for three children, name the accounts could be named Allowance-Jim, Allowance-Tammy and Allowance-Junior.

5 Ways to Manage Money Using Cash Accounts

Cash Purchases

Counting one dollar bills.
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Keeping tabs on cash expenses is the most obvious way to use a cash account, and the original purpose for the accounts in financial software. To be accurate, you'll want to record a transaction for withdrawing cash from your bank account before entering cash transactions.

Flexible Spending Account Reimbursements

Flexible spending accounts can be tracked in financial software.
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It's easy to remember to follow up on medical expense reimbursements you're expecting from a Flexible Spending Account when you use your personal finance software to track the expected inflow. Follow these three easy steps to using a cash account in your software to track your FSA, from the time you submit expenses until you're reimbursed.

Money Held for Later Deposit

Tracking cash at a fund raiser.
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Whether you're the treasurer of the local bingo night, you oversee a bake sale, or you're responsible for cash raised at a larger event, keeping track of cash-on-hand proves your accountability. If you use personal finance software, it's a good idea to use a cash account to help with tracking that bundle of cash that you can't deposit until the next business day.

Job-related or Small Business Expenses

Tracking cash and receipts.
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Whether you need to track business-related cash expenses to have expenses reimbursed or to document for tax purposes, cash accounts are a great tool to use for this purpose. Here are 4 steps to tracking job-related expenses in a personal finance software cash account.

Children’s Allowance

Allowance being handed out to kids.
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Cash accounts are a great way to track allowance for one or more children, and are especially useful if you make purchases on a child's behalf with the agreement that they'll pay you back later. Here are the simple steps to tracking allowance in financial software using cash accounts.

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