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How to Choose and Use Home Inventory Software


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Features You Need in Home Inventory Software
Home inventory software like Computerize Your Assets makes filing insurance claims easier.
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Free Trial
Most home inventory software provides a free trial, so use it to find out how the software performs before you buy it. The software should not slow down significantly as you enter more items, and entering data and generating reports should be easy to do.

Backing Up
Select home inventory software that is easy to back up (possibly accomplished by clicking on File, Backup in the software). If you use automated back up software, know where your home inventory data file are saved on your hard drive to properly configure back ups. If you do not know where the data file is, contact Support as listed under the Help menu at the top of the screen. No help menu? Don't use the software, find another to try.

How Much Detail?
The amount of information you want to store about each item in your home inventory is an important consideration. Be sure the software lets you record all needed information easily. To record items in more than one home or to designate items in storage, choose software that supports multiple properties or locations. Use software that lets you name your own categories or tags for the best flexibility so you can set up your home inventory in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Photo Finish
If home inventory software does not store scanned digital images of items like insurance policies, wills and photos of inventoried items, try another software package. If you don't think you need image support now, chances are that you will later.

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