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Financial Planning Software Makes a Great Gift

Gifts for Life Stage Celebrations and for Holidays


Do your own in-depth financial planning with eFinPLAN.

eFinPLAN Data Entry

Having a personal financial plan is important for a number of reasons: having sufficient financial resources for retirement years, college savings and changing insurance needs, among other concerns. Many people put off seeing a financial planner to ensure their future is secure because the services provided - while valuable - are expensive and can result in sales calls from planners who want to sell investments.

When you give friends and family personal financial planning software as a gift, you are giving a gift that truly keeps giving into the future.

Software Options

There are a few good options for this type of software, like eFinPLAN online financial planner and Financial Fate, among other personal financial planning software.

While entering financial data is time consuming, the software guides the user through the data entry. Because the software develops such an extensive financial plan, it's best to break the data entry down into multiple short sessions. Once financial data is entered, a comprehensive report tells you if you have a financially secure future and gives advice for saving, investing and spending alternatives to improve your financial outlook.

Do-It-Yourself Financial Planning Changes with Life

When new financial accounts are opened, a home is sold or purchased or other life changes that effect finances occur, new information is entered into the software. The ability to do what-if analysis in the software is an important feature and is vital for determining how a financial decision would impact future finances. If a financial planner is contacted for each life change, the bill can really add up for the consultation. Use personal financial planning software and you don't pay for advice every time the financial plan changes.

Who Can You Give Financial Planning Software To?

Personal financial planning software is a gift for anyone who has a few assets and needs to plan for the future, and that covers a lot of people. This software works out especially well for gifts to celebrate:

  • Weddings
  • Retirement
  • New job
  • Graduation
  • New home
  • New baby
  • A New Year's financial resolution

How to Give the Gift of Financial Planning Software

If you choose to give online financial planning software like eFinPLAN, or a financial planning software download, check out the ideas in How to Gift Wrap a Software Download. If you decide that financial planning software may be too extensive for the person you have in mind, consider giving personal finance software, which focuses on near-term finances.

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