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Work with Quicken Data Files

Back Up, Archive Import and Export Quicken Data


These tutorials explain how to find your data files and how to use file options like copy, back up, import and export data in Quicken personal finance software.

Find Your Quicken Data Files

Find all Quicken data files on your computer.
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This short tutorial explains Quicken data files and how to find them on your computer.

Back Up and Restore Quicken Data

Back Up Quicken Data Often
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You never know when hard drive failure will strike, so backing up your personal finance data in Quicken is important. You will want to back up data files when you install a new version of the software, or switch to another financial software that will use Quicken data.

Protecting Financial Data with Passwords

These short tutorials explain how to set up passwords in Quicken, and where to find help if you forget your password.

How to Archive Quicken Data

The Quicken Archive command makes a copy of transactions prior to and including a date you specify. Your transactions remain unchanged because archiving in Quicken does not split the archived transactions off from the original data file.

Quicken New Year File

Some people want to start fresh every year with a new data file. You can do that with Quicken's New Year File command. This command makes a back up of your current data file, then removes all data before a particular date.

Copying Data Files

This tutorial tells you how to copy data files from within Quicken.

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