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Get Help with Quicken

Quicken Personal Finance Software Support


If you need help with Quicken, you won't have to look far. There's plenty of help built right into the software.

1. Searchable Quicken Help

Enter what you need help with in Quicken to get answers.
Searchable Help in Quicken
You'll find many step-by-step instructions for using Quicken and searchable, comprehensive assistance and tips. Here's how to find it:
  • In Quicken, click on Help.
  • Click Quicken Help.
  • Type your question, a short phrase or just the name of the feature you need help with.
  • Click on OK or Ask, depending on your Quicken version.
  • You will be presented with links to relevant help topics that you can select from.

2. F1 for Quicken Help

Press the F1 key on your keyboard any time you're working in Quicken to see the section of the Help manual that is relevant to the feature you are currently using.

3. Quicken Community

Click on Help, Quicken Live Community for quick access to online discussions that pertain to the feature you are currently using. Once you're in Quicken Live Community, set up a user ID to ask questions if you don't find the answer you need.
Internet access required.

4. Guide Me, Quicken

Depending on the version of Quicken you're using, you will see a Guide Me tab on the right. Click on Guide Me for step-by-step instructions for using the section of Quicken currently in use.

5. Next Steps, Especially for Quicken Beginners

Click on Help, then Learn about Next Steps After Setting Up Quicken to view a table that provides tutorials listed in order for setting up and using Quicken. Each step in this table builds on previous tutorials, so it's like having a class that you can attend at your convenience. Anyone who is new to using Quicken personal finance software should take advantage of this feature.

6. Troubleshooting Quicken and Communicate with Quicken Support

Click on Help, Product and Customer Support to get Quicken troubleshooting tips, tips for making the most of Quicken and links to Quicken Support via chat, phone, email or Web.
Some Quicken Product and Customer Support tools require an Internet connection.

7. Quicken Reference Manuals

There is a good selection of Quicken help books with step-by-step tutorials, tips and answers to many questions about the personal finance software. If looking up information and advice in a book works best for you, there are some great options.
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