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Will Quicken Run on Window Vista?


Question: Will Quicken Run on Window Vista?
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Quicken 2007 runs on Windows Vista, and while both Quicken 2006 and 2005 run on Vista both versions have some issues.

Answer: Quicken Support reports that Quicken 2007 has successfully passed testing on Windows Vista, and no issues exist as long as you are running the most current Quicken release.

Quicken 2006 and 2005 were tested on Windows Vista, resulting in the following problems:

  1. An error message appears when accessing Quicken Home Inventory Help and currently, there is no solution for this issue. If you choose to run Quicken 2005 or 2006 on Vista you will have to live with this unless it is corrected in a later update.

  2. You will get scripting errors while accessing Help topics if you have not upgraded to the latest release of Quicken 2005 or Quicken 2006. To fix these scripting errors, be sure you are logged into Windows Vista as an administrator and then update your Quicken version to the latest release.

  3. You must be logged in to Vista as an administrator to avoid an error that occurs when you update Quicken 2005 or 2006. If you are not logged in to Windows Vista with an administrative account, do so and update Quicken 2006 or Quicken 2005.

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