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How do I update to the latest Quicken release with One Step Update?


Quicken 2013 runs on Windows desktops and includes mobile apps.

Quicken 2013 introduces mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire.

Question: How do I update to the latest Quicken release with One Step Update?
Quicken updates are always free. Quicken One Step Updates automatically detect and download updates when one is made available, but if you're not sure that these are running automatically, use the following steps.

Requires an active internet connection.

Answer: To check for and apply a Quicken program update:
  1. If you are not sure you if you need the latest update, check your Quicken version to verify the update is needed. If you already have the most up-to-date Quicken release and you try to update, no harm is done. You'll get a message confirming that you have the latest version.
  2. From within Quicken, start the One Step Update by clicking on Tools, which is the fourth item to the right at the top of your screen, then One Step Update.
  3. The Quicken One Step Update window will appear. Click Update Now.
  4. If an update is available, you will see it being downloaded when a green progress bar appears noting the new release number. If no update is available, One Step Update will quickly run and then close.
  5. You will probably have to tell Windows that you give Quicken permission to run the update (pops up asking).
  6. You then verify that you want to apply the update. Click on Start or OK when a Quicken window pops up.
  7. The update will install and Quicken will close when the installation is complete. Reopen Quicken, the software is ready to use.
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