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Top iOS Personal Finance Apps for 2013

Manage Money on Your iPhone or iPad


These personal finance apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is organized by the type of app, whether you want an app that primarily does budgeting, or you want a general personal finance app with more features, you need to complete you tax return, save money or do some other money management task.

Many of these have been collected from the monthly Top iPhone Apps of the Month lists, while others are tested financial apps that help you daily with managing finances. I'll be adding to this list as I discover new apps each month, if not more frequently.

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1. Budgeting Apps

Budget Touch iPhone app spending and budget envelope reports.
Budget Touch iPhone App / Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC
If you're like so many other people, you made a New Year's resolution to set up and keep a budget to see where your money is going each month and to be able to save money by being more aware of yourspending patterns. Having a budget is a great goal, and if it's not going as well as planned, you may not be using a method that works with your life. My list of the Top iOS Apps for January, 2013 rounded up the best apps I could find for budgeting. These apps help you with setting up budget categories, keeping an eye on budget balances every day so you can see when you're getting close to overspending. The apps have great graphic reports so you can get a quick look at long term budget goals and spending and some incorporate the every effective envelope budgeting concept. Some of these iPhone and iPad apps sync with online or desktop software.

2. Track Your Savings Goals

Best iPhone apps for setting and tracking savings goals.
SaveGenious, SmartyPig and Urge iOS Savings Goals Apps
It's one thing to manage your money as the bills come in and you pay for every day items, but it's quite another when you want to plan to put some cash aside for a future purchase or expense. These apps for iPhone and iPad track multiple savings goals and show your progress, which can be a great motivator.

3. Reduce Your Debt, or Get Rid of It Altogether

Debt Payoff Pro iOS App
Debt Payoff Pro iOS AppSVT Software LLC
I found four debt reduction apps for iOS and they're all priced under a buck. Because it just doesn't seem right to pay for a high priced app when you're planning to get out of debt.

4. Income Tax Preparation Apps

H&R Block At Home Online and the iPad App
H&R Block At Home iPad App / HRB Digital LLC
Out of the Top 6 iPhone and iPad Tax Apps, four can actually be used to complete and e-file a U.S. income tax return for personal and small business income. The other two apps offer tax tools to help you with doing your taxes. Tax apps for iPhone or iPod Touch are generally only for simpler returns, but there are apps that take advantage of the iPad's screen real estate that can handle nearly any personal tax return.

5. Real Estate Apps - Home and Apartments

Image by Sawbuck Realty, Inc., d/b/a Homesnap
It can be stressful and is almost always time consuming when you're looking for a house or apartment to rent or to buy, and even if you're working with a real estate agent, there's still some research for you to do. These three iOS apps can be used when you're searching for properties that meet your specification, anywhere, any time, even when you're out looking for that perfect place to call home. In addition to finding houses or apartments, these apps let you save your favorite properties so you can easily compare them, gives crime and school statistics and one app even comes up with an estimated price for a house when you take a photo.

6. Find the Cheapest Gas and Travel Deals

GasBuddy iPhone app finds the cheapest gas in the U.S. and Canada
GasBuddy iPhone AppBottle Rocket

Gas prices seem to be forever on the rise. The three iPhone apps find the cheapest gas in your area, whether you're at home or out on the road in another state. And, don't make travel plans without using one of the top travel deal finding apps to save on travel costs like flights, hotels and rental cars.

7. Split Bills, Share Expenses and Track IOUs

iOS apps split bills and share expenses.
Splitwise, SpotMe, BillPin, Settle Up
Whether you split bills with your roommates every month or share expenses every once in awhile with coworkers, friends or family members, these apps track who in a group owes how much to another group member. Don't spot cash and forget the IOU ever again, try one of these iOS apps.

8. Mobile Banking Apps

Discover Bank
These apps make it easy to transfer money between accounts, pay bills, check account balances and even pay a friend for your half of the lunch receipt. Here are my picks for the top three banking apps: Chase Bank, Discover and E*Trade.

9. Shopping Deals and Negotiating Bills

Slice mobile app organizes online shopping, tracks shipping and makes returns easier.
Slice iPhone App \ Project Slice, Inc.
These iOS apps help you to save money in a very creative way: by making sure you return items to the store that you decide you don't want so you get a refund. The refund policies for stores are available, too, and some apps let you know when prices drop for items you recently purchased so you can get a refund on the price difference, as most stores honor. There are also a couple of apps for comparing the cost of return shipping, and one that gives you the information you need to negotiate down interest rates, overdraft charges, cable bills and more.

10. Save Money in College

TUNdeals iPhone AppThe University Network
These free iPhone apps help you save money on expenses every college student has, like books, meals, travel costs, parking and entertainment. One app even finds college town rental that will fit your budget.

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