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9 iOS Apps for Finding Travel Deals

Travel on a Budget


Don't plan a trip without checking out these apps for iPhone and iPad first. Each one has features that can help you save money when you travel, whether you're looking for deal for car rentals, bed and breakfasts, hotels, package vacations or flights. Most apps are international.

1. Multichoice Travel

Find the best travel deals on your iPhone with Multichoice Travel.
MobileAppLoader, LLC
This app takes up minimal memory and helps you to find the best deals on last-minute vacation packages, cruises, travel insurance, airline tickets and car rentals. 55,000 hotels and resorts are supported along with all major cruise lines. Book a hotel in one of 12 languages and over 160 currencies. The Last Minute Deals will save you the most cash, with up to 80% off of the published rates.

2. InnTouch

Find the best bed and breakfast for your trip with InTouch iPhone app.
InnTouch iPhone AppAmerican Historic Inns
Why pay for a hotel room if you just need the room at to sleep in and you're gone all day? Staying at a bed and breakfast is less expensive than booking a hotel room, and InnTouch is a neat little app from iLoveInns.com with thousands of bed-and-breakfasts to choose from. Find inns that are located near your destination or current location. The app includes reviews from people who stayed at the bed-and-breakfast establishments and access to the in management you easily can make reservations.

3. FlightTrack

Track your flights on your iPhone with FlightTrack.
FlightTrack iPhone AppMobiata LLC
Time is money, so the sooner you can make alternate arrangements when a flight is cancelled, the better. Flight Track's real time status tracking for gates, delays and cancellations is a great tool that works with over 4,000 airports all over the world and full international coverage including 1,400 airports. Find flight alternatives with one tap.

4. Kayak HD

Get the best price for airfare and hotels with Kayak HD iPhone app.
Kayak HD iPhone AppKayak Software Corp
This free app is from the Kayak.com web site that does travel service price comparisons and finds related deals. If you already have an account on Kayak.com, this app gives you access to all your information on your iOS device. Kayak HD finds the best prices for car rentals, flights, hotels and cars.

5. Gas Apps for iPhone

Gasbook iPhone app finds the best gas and diesel prices and includes a fuel log
GasBook iPhone AppAppCreative
If you're travels involve a road trip, don't leave town without a gas app that will help you find the lowest price on gas as you travel.

6. TravelTracker Pro

Organize your travels and save money with TravelTracker Pro.
TravelTracker Pro iOS AppSilverware Software
Travel Tracker Pro has some really great features for organizing trips, like the ability to download complete TripIt.com itineraries. Financial features include:
  • Download currency exchange rates.
  • Does currency conversions and presents travel expenses in chosen currency.
  • Records details of travel expenses, with attachable snapshots of receipts.
  • Keeps track of frequent traveler awards.
If you don't want all these features, consider TravelTracker for $2.99 and then add on just the features you need.

7. Trippy

Friends help you plan a trip with Trippy and Facebook.
Trippy IPhone AppTrippy.com
Log on to Trippy with your Facebook account, fill in some details about the locations you're going to visit and what you want to do there, and let your friends help you plan your vacation or other travels. Your friends know you better than any of the travel sites you might use to gather trip information, so ask them about restaurants, hotels and attractions that fit your budget.

8. TripLog/1040

Trip log can be emailed from your iPhone with TripLog/1040.
TripLog/1040 iPhone AppStevens Creek Software LLC
Record mileage for up to three different cars to track tax deductible or reimbursable mileage with TripLog/1040 iPhone app. Tracks tolls and parking, and saves frequent trips to be re-used with one tap. Your trip log can be emailed from your iPhone. Supports nine languages.

9. XE Currency

Convert currency on your iPhone with XE Currency App.
XE Currency IPhone AppXE.com
While this app won't save you money, it will let you know what the currency you're carrying is worth in another country. EX Currency converts every currency in the world with real-time currency rates and charts.

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