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Find the best tax software with advice for choosing and buying personal income tax preparation software.
  1. How to Choose Tax Software
  2. Tax Software Reviews
  3. Free Tax Software
  4. Mobile Tax Apps
  1. Using Tax Software and Filing an Extension
  2. Get Bigger Tax Deductions
  3. Tax Software Tours

How to Choose Tax Software

Use tax software to prepare and file tax returns, file an extension or track tax deductions

Choosing tax software can be confusing. Get tips and advice for buying income tax preparation software and for choosing the right software for your tax preparation needs.

Tax Software Reviews

How do TurboTax and H&R Block At Home compare?

Find out which tax software is best, what's new in tax software features, and whether there's any tax software you need to avoid.

Free Tax Software

Looking for free tax software?  You have options.

There are many options for free income tax preparation software this year.

Mobile Tax Apps

The best Android income tax apps for tax year 2012

iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps can really help with making tax time easier.

Using Tax Software and Filing an Extension

Find out what do you need to do before you fire up your tax software and how to file an extension.

Get Bigger Tax Deductions

Tax deduction tracking software can help you get a bigger tax deduction for charitable contributions and other tax deductible expenses.

Tax Software Tours

urboTax and H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut) import tax data.

These tours provide screen images of tax software so you can see how each works as you go through the tax interview.

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