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Free Tax Software 2012 for Military Members


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FreeTaxUSA Military Tax Preparation
Military members can file income taxes for free with FreeTaxUSA online tax software.

FreeTaxUSA Free Military Income Tax Software

FreeTaxUSA, a TaxHawk, Inc. owned and operated website
Active duty, retired, and reserve status military personnel can e-File a federal tax return for free with FreeTaxUSA. State returns are $9.95, and include state e-file (states you resided in may offer a free state return). With no mention of person-to-person help for tax questions on the website, it is safe to assume that FreeTaxUSA doesn't offer this service.
  • Simple or complex returns.
  • If you need to amend your return, it's free.
  • Includes Audit Assist service with a specialist that gives advice if you are audited.
Start your return at FreeTaxUSA Military Tax Preparation

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