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Online Home Inventory Software


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Manage your home inventory online with StuffSafe.

StuffSafe Online Home Inventory

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StuffSafe is a secure onlne home inventory application that is free, with ads visible off to the side as you work on your inventory.

Insurance Documentation
StuffSafe provides fields for entering what you paid for an inventory item and what the replacement cost would be, which gives you a more accurate idea of how much insurance you need. Inventories can be shared with others, like your insurance agent. If you give someone access your home inventory, they can only view the data and cannot change any data.

The StuffSafe website notes that data is stored using industry standard firewall, encryption and redundant backup security technology. To optimize the security of your home inventory, you may want to use another name and a secondary email address when you create your account.

Data Files and Back Up
StuffSafe says it provides a way to back up data to your hard drive, but at the time this was written, I could not locate the BACKUP button. Home inventory data can be downloaded in these formats, which would work as a back up: Microsoft Word and Excel, CSV and HTML.

StuffSafe works smoothly, but most of the help documentation was missing. When I tried to print a report from one part of StuffSafe, my inventory was cleared out. Luckily, I could just use the Back button on my browser to bring the inventory back and then I could print from another screen. To try StuffSafe, enter just two items and then be sure you can print and download data before you take the time to enter your entire home inventory.

  • StuffSafe
  • Free
  • Runs in most popular browsers, like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • StuffSafe Web Site
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