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ClearCheckbook Free Online Personal Finance Software


ClearCheckbook Free Online Personal Finance Software

Add Transactions in Clearcheckbook

ClearCheckbook is free online personal finance software that securely tracks accounts and spending in one place, accessible where ever you can use the Internet.

How can ClearCheckbook really be free?

ClearCheckbook really is free personal finance software, although you can make a donation by clicking on the Donate icon on the ClearCheckbook site. Donations are not expected, but the funds help to defray costs for site hosting, file servers to give provide faster access, secured certificates and other site-related costs.

What about personal financial account security?

You do not enter account numbers or other personal account data into ClearCheckbook, and you can delete all data and accounts at any time. ClearCheckbook terms of service cover security as follows:

  • Your email address will not to sold or given away.

  • You agree to use a strong password.

  • You will not use actual credit card and bank account numbers when creating accounts (name accounts instead).

What personal finance accounts can I track with ClearCheckbook?

You can track checking, savings, credit card and cash accounts with ClearCheckbook. Add personal finance accounts in your initial set up, then add more accounts when needed, on the fly while entering transactions.

Does ClearCheckbook support categories and budgets?

Yes, you can create categories for tracking transactions and budgeting with ClearCheckbook. Split transactions are supported as well. Manage and track your budget by setting monthly spending limits on any category or account to have purchases deducted from the limits, and you will know how much money you have left to spend for the month.

What about downloading or importing transactions?

ClearCheckbook supports data imports in QIF, OFX or QFX formats, which covers formats offered by the vast majority of financial institutions. Data exports are available in CSV format for viewing in a spreadsheet or any software that supports this format.

Can I create transfers between accounts?

Yes, ClearCheckbook lets you do internal account transfers. Select "Transfer" from the transaction type list, then select the accounts being transferred to and from. To keep spending limits accurate, transfers do not count against spending limits or as a withdrawal or deposit on the Reports page.

Does ClearCheckbook look like my checkbook register?

ClearCheckbook does not use a conventional register for personal finance data entry in each account. Instead transactions are added on the Add Entry or, new in version 2, add new transactions directly from the main accounts summary page. A register of transactions by account can be viewed on the Account page.

Can I reconcile personal finance accounts I track with ClearCheckbook?

Yes, ClearCheckbook provides account reconciliation in the Jive Account feature. In ClearCheckbook version 2, account reconciliation has been completely revamped so you can now mark transactions as jived (cleared) directly from the main accounts summary page. To make finding uncleared transactions much easier, new view options can be set to view only cleared/uncleared transactions for all accounts or specific accounts.

Does ClearCheckbook have any personal finance reporting features?

ClearCheckbook has monthly net gain or net loss reporting for the last 10 months, spending by category and account. Click on a month in reports to see specific data for that month and category or account. New to version 2, line and pie charts give more spending details.

ClearCheckbook Details and Review

ClearCheckbook Version 2 includes these features and improvements:

  • ClearCheckbook Mac OS X Dashboard Widget and Google Home Page Gadget are helpful for keeping tabs on personal finances.

  • ClearCheckbook search function finds transactions by key words, date ranges, all accounts or specific accounts and categories.

  • Set reminders for upcoming transactions, see reminders when you log into ClearCheckbook or get them via email. ClearCheckbook Version 2 adds more ways to set up repeating reminders: biweekly, bi-monthly, every 3, 4, and 6 months.

  • ClearCheckbook Version 2 introduces a more stable CheckBot 2.0 for tracking finances on your cell phone from SMS/Text Message, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk accounts.

  • ClearCheckbook includes a scratch pad to enter text notes for anything you like, such as financial goals or price comparisons.

  • Improved searchable Help page which is very thorough and indeed, helpful. The ClearCheckbook blog posts news for updates and features.

  • International settings for currencies and dates.

  • Description auto-complete when entering new transactions.

  • Advanced transaction editing features.

  • Improved reports.

  • Export to QIF, which retains split transactions.

  • Updated credit card pay-off feature.

  • Recurring transactions are tied to reminder system.

Developed by Brandon O'Brien, ClearCheckbook has evolved into a simple online personal finance application with more than 10,500 people using it at the time this was written. ClearCheckbook lacks features for managing investments, loans, etc., and if you do not need these features, ClearCheckbook provides a way to manage financial accounts cleanly and without distracting advertisements.

Although ClearCheckbook will not automatically download personal finance account transactions, data imports in three formats are supported so entering transactions manually is not a concern. Importing data yourself keeps account numbers private for complete security.

If you just want to manage your spending and your financial accounts, ClearCheckbook provides enough features to make doing so simple and enjoyable.

Try ClearCheckbook.com to see if it will work for your personal finance management needs.

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