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New Features in Quicken 2014 Desktop and Mobile Apps


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Quicken 2014 Expands Mobile App Features
New Features in Quicken 2014 Desktop and Mobile Apps

Quicken 2014 Mobile App Snap and Store Receipts

Intuit / Quicken

Quicken 2013 came with the first mobile app every offered by Quicken. There's a new and even better app for Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad with Quicken 2014. This app can't be used with previous versions of the desktop software because it's been specifically designed to plug into new technology that's running behind the scenes in Quicken 2014.

Snap and Store Receipts

With the new app, you can snap photos of receipts using your mobile device, then attach the image to a transaction. This attachment will show up with the transaction in the Quicken 2014 desktop account register once the mobile app is synced. Something that's a real help for people who upgrade from an older version of Quicken is that images can be added to existing transactions. This feature is helpful just like Quicken desktop attachments are in that you can scan a warranty and receipt for a big purchase to file the information away electronically, expense report items and tax deductible expense receipts can be easily stored with transactions as well. When you use the attachments feature on the desktop and sync, your attachment images show up in the mobile app.

More Features for Tablets

The mobile app for Quicken 2014 offers some extra goodies for Android tablets and iPad, which both having extra space on the screen:

  • Tap on a portion of a pie chart report to drill down to the transactions that make up a portion of the pie, and a date range can be added at the bottom to reveal finances over one month or multiple months.
  • New Views show spending over time and net income.
  • Tap into an area in the budget to see budget trends over months, and adjust the budget on your tablet.
  • Use your location in a receipt capture, and view full size images of receipts.

To use the Quicken 2014 Money Management app, first set up the desktop software to sync with the app via Quicken Cloud Account, then download it on your iOS or Android mobile device.

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