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January 2013 Top 4 iPhone Budget Apps


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Best Budget
Best Budget iPhone app reports for income vs expense and budgets.

Best Budget Reports for Budget and Spending

Maxwell Software
The Budgets module in Best Budget shows income and expense categories, amount spent to date for the month, the amount budgeted, and how much you have left to spend in the category before you go over budget for the month. Tapping on a budget category lets you drill down to see all transactions for that category.

If you have unspent funds for some budget categories at the end of the month, you can roll those funds forward into the next month, and you can transfer amounts from one category to another at any time.

The Reports module shows income vs. expense or spending for the week, month, quarter and year, and date ranges can be customized. Reports and data can be emailed as a PDF, HTML or CSV.

Transactions can be searched by name, amount and note, and Best Budget has reminders for bills or other transactions. Data can be backed up via wifi and your finances are kept private with password protection. Try the free version, and if you decide to buy the app for a buck, migrate your data from the Setting page.

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