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Top 4 iPhone Budget Apps 2013


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Budgee iPhone app for personal budgeting.

Budgee iPhone App Budgets Report and Transactions

Budgee for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to be an easy to use, no hassles budgeting app. If you don't want to mess around with a lot of data entry, this app is worth a try.

To set your budget up, just add categories with the corresponding amount you want to spend. Entering transactions only involves the date, what you bought, amount spent and the spending category. If you need to track multiple budgets, you can set them up in Budgee and track them all at the same time. Budget periods are flexible, and can be by time like week or month, or by a particular project, or any other parameter you choose.

Budgee shows the total amount of money that you have left to spend as well as the amount spent for each category, on one screen. There's support for regional currency and date formats, depending on your iPhone or iPod Touch's regional setting.

To download CSV data for analysis in a spreadsheet, use the web server that is in the app to generate a web address that you then enter into a browser on your Mac or PC.

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