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Advanced Account Register


Definition: The Microsoft Money Advanced Account Register emphasizes detailed tracking of expenditures, and can be updated either online or manually. The Advanced Register gives you more powerful tracking and tax planning, but requires more effort to keep your account information in order. The detailed information tracked is typically used for very thorough budgeting, long-term planning, and tax analysis.

Use the Microsoft Money Essential Account Register as an alternative to the Advanced Account Register if you don't want to spend the time necessary to keep the Advanced Account Register updated.

The Advanced Register includes: Subcategories, detailed manual entry of transactions, ability to manually enter transactions as well as receiving online updates, transaction memos to add notes to transactions, itemized (split) transactions, account balancing to compare entered transactions with those that have cleared your bank and detailed investment tracking.

To determine whether an account is using the Advanced or Essential Register, look in the top right of the Account Register. You'll see a label indicating Advanced Register or Essential Register.

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