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How to Use Quicken New Year Command


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How the New Year File Command Works in Quicken
Selecting the New Year file option in early versions of Quicken personal finance software.

Selecting the New Year Option in Quicken

This tutorial is for earlier versions of Quicken. If you have a newer version, creating the New Year feature has been replaced with Create a Year End Copy/Archive.

When you create a New Year file, Quicken makes a back up of your current data file, then removes all data before a particular date from the current file.

Once a Quicken New Year file is created, your current data file will include only transactions that occur after the date you specify (usually the first of the year) while retaining all investment and unreconciled transactions. If you use Quicken Home & Business, all unpaid transactions are saved as well as invoices linked to payments that fall within the new date range.

Before creating New Year file, you must reconcile all accounts, otherwise all unreconciled transactions created before the date you specify for Quicken New Year file will not be split off.

Start the New Year File Process

  1. Click on File menu, File Operations.
  2. Select Year End Copy.
  3. Select Start New Year and click OK.

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