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November 2012 Top Android Apps for Personal Finance Management


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MoneyWise Pro Manages Money on Your Android
MoneyWise Pro for Android is a fully featured personal financial app.

MoneyWise Pro Reports

Handy North
This Android app packs in a lot of personal financial features and the reports are very detailed and nicely done. MoneyWise Pro is a stand alone app, you use it on your device without desktop or online software. If you like to go mobile with your financial management but you like to see things on paper, you can export data to HTML and print it out. Your data can also be exported to CSV and then imported into Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software that supports that format for analysis.

MoneyWise Pro supports multiple currencies and does currency conversions.

Budget periods can be set up weekly, biweekly and monthly, and reports like expenses by budget category or expenses over time can be filtered to show just the data you want to see. MoneyWise Pro lets you define transactions by tag as well as categories, set up recurring transactions and transfer funds between accounts.

Data can be protected with a password and can be (should be) backed up to SD card, to Dropbox, or sent to your email.

You can try the free version of MoneyWise or MoneyWise.eu before buying Pro, with some limits and no currency conversion in the free app. If you decide to upgrade, your data will import into the Pro version. Developed by Handy North.

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