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Quicken Rental Property Manager Review

Quicken Rental Property Manager Review

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Quicken Rental Property Manager for managing personal finances and rental income.

Quicken Rental Property Manager

Intuit, Inc.
Quicken Rental Property Manager keeps real estate rental property records organized, easily determines profitability and provide income tax reporting.

Updated October 10, 2011

Rental Property and Personal Finances in One Place

Quicken Rental Property Manager organizes rental property financials and personal finance accounts and tools in one place. This version of Quicken includes all features in Quicken Premier with features for personal finance management and investment accounts.

The Rent Center is at the heart of this software, and it includes these tools and reports:
  • Instantly see which tenants have or have not paid rent for the month.
  • Find rental units having a lease coming due soon.
  • Enter payments, partial payments and late fees.
  • Identify which tenants habitually pay late.
  • See payment history for any given rental unit.
  • View Tenant Details, where phone numbers, email addresses, security deposit, rent and lease terms are stored.
  • Enter dated notes such as maintenance requests for convenient tracking.
  • View and print the tenant list with property address and phone numbers.

Income and Expense Ledger

Enter rental collections, maintenance and improvement expenses as they occur and the Income and Expense Ledger reveals real time cash flow.

  • Split transactions into multiple categories when needed.
  • Flag expenses for later research or check with your accountant to determine how to classify the expense.
  • Analyze your financial position by property, by date or by tax category.
  • Compare rental properties side-by-side.
  • Click on report totals to drill down to the individual transactions that make up the total for each category for easier analysis.

Tax Reports

Quicken Rental Property Manager income and expense categories are aligned with the IRS Schedule E tax forms to save time and take the uncertainty out of tax reporting for rental income.

  • Generate a Tax Report on the fly at any time with the Tax Report.
  • The rental property tax report notes flagged items (explained above) so you can easily see transactions that need to be resolved before filing taxes.
  • The Tax Report can be printed out or exported to TurboTax tax preparation software for easy tax preparation.

The Bottom Line: Quicken Rental Property Manager

Some landlords who own just a few properties attempt to track rental income and expenses in regular personal finance software, which isn't designed to provide adequate reporting. Quicken Rental Property Manager is very easy to use for up to 100 properties, provides the proper reports and tracking of payments, repairs, etc. At the same time, the software tracks personal finances, all for around $150 (tax deductible, by the way). There is no free trial, but Intuit offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you plan to keep your rental property ventures small, Rental Property Manager is worth a try as it will free up a lot of time by having all rental property records maintained and organized in one place.

If you plan to track over 100 properties, About.com's income tax expert, William Perez, suggests using accounting software instead of Rental Property Manager in his Quicken Rental Property Manager review.

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