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Quicken Tutorials

Tips for learning to get around in Quicken, and how to use accounts, the budget tool, keeping data safe and more.
  1. Set Up Accounts (3)
  2. Working with Transactions (6)
  3. Budgets and Savings Goals (10)
  4. Quicken Attachments (14)
  5. Shortcuts for Using Quicken (5)
  6. Taxes (2)
  7. Backing Up Data & Using Passwords (11)
  8. Import MS Money to Quicken (2)
  9. Working with Data Files (7)
  10. Install or Update Your Software (7)
  11. Archived Quicken Tutorials (38)

7 Ways to Find Help for Using Quicken
Learn about all the ways you can get help while you're using Quicken personal finance software, right from within the software.

Get Started with Quicken Guided Set Up
See what the Quicken guided setup looks like and what you need to know before installing Quicken.

How to Set Up Quicken 2014 Mobile App
Step by step help for getting Quicken 2014 mobile app for iOS and Android set up.

Will Your Bank Download to Quicken?
Find out if your banks and other financial institutions will work with Quicken.

Quicken Financial Calendar
Learn more about the Quicken Calendar, which gives you an idea of how your money will last over the month, at a glance.

Top Quicken How To and Reference Books
Here are the best books for learning how to use Quicken personal financial software, with books for both Windows and Mac versions.

How to Join the Quicken Beta Test Team
Find out where to sign up to help with beta testing Quicken personal finance software.

Quicken Home Page Tour
Visual tour explains how the Quicken Home Page works.

How to Turn Off Sounds in Quicken
Is Quicken's “cha-ching” sound starting to get old? Here's how to turn it off.

How to Opt Out from Quicken Marketing Email
Tired of getting marketing communications from Intuit, TurboTax or Quicken? Here's how you can opt out and keep a cleaner inbox.

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