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Readers Respond: What is the Best Personal Finance Software For Windows,and Why?

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The Readers' Choice Awards showcased the best personal finance software and tax software in five categories, as chosen by readers. Share your pick for best personal finance software for Windows with the About.com community, and let us know why it deserves the title of Best Windows Personal Finance Software.

Home budget box - www.homebudgetbox.com

Home budget box is ideal web application for all your budget needs. Here is a specially designed app that will make your job really easy in terms of spending your hard earned money in the right way. There are many out there who are finding it difficult to make both ends meet, when it comes to spending the salary within the specified budget. But with the help of home budget box you will be able to do that with utmost perfection. That is because, this is a well thought out application software that will help you in spending the right money on the right product and at the right time. This way you will be able to save a lot of money. Basically it will keep track of all your spending and savings, so that you can spend your money on products that are really worth it. Try it out at www.homebudgetbox.com

Bank Genie Pro

Bank Genie Pro was released in 2011 and is a new UK product developed to the specifications of a very discerning (now ex) Quicken user. The product was enhanced with strong reporting features to satisfy Quicken and MS Money users. The system includes a program to import data from either of those products. Google search for more info on Bank Genie Pro.
—Guest George Kelly

Bank2Budget is great

YNAB seems to be overpriced. We just found a $15 budgeting software called Bank2Budget at http://www.bank2budget.com. Since this software uses your bank activity file you download it’s safe and nothing gets past it so we see everything that we draw or feed to our bank. It’s wonderful to easily know where we stand on our spending habits.


I've been using it for a year now and it has helped us save and allot money where necessary. I have been telling this to everyone I know, YNAB is the best! I am also using it now as a temporary solution for my small business... hoping that YNAB can create something similar for the SMB segment :)
—Guest Kathryn

YNAB will heal your financial wounds

I tried Quicken Online a few years ago, but gave up somewhere along the line (like I do with all diets). Then, I tried Mint.com (which I still use to track daily/weekly spending by category...it is free, after all). However, it isn't focused on the central issue for all of us in personal finance: establishing and living on a budget. Mint.com is a good tool, and offers some excellent features, so please don't think it is sub-par. However, after using it for a few months, I realized that my biggest area of need was in budgeting. Over-budgeting is easy to prevent, but over-spending (and not looking ahead to next month) was/is my biggest challenge. So, I found YNAB through a Google search (via Chrome...I love Chrome). Hooked. Immediately. Beautiful software (especially on my iMac), and it WORKS! No quirky things (obviously very well QA'ed). The methodology/philosophy is manifested in the solution. I am a convert to this way now, and am already experiencing its blessings. Thanks
—Guest W.Moye

YNAB'er for life ...

Been using YNAB for 3 years now. It's not just a budgeting software ... it's a philosophy of how to manage your money (not let it manage you!). I've gone from racing my paychecks to the bank every payday to living off last month's income (with a tidy little nest egg in savings to boot). I'm a YNAB'er for life!
—Guest TLBauer


It's helped us many times to get ahead enough to take care of unplanned events, especially on the car repairs. It's as easy or as complicated to fit your needs. I've been using it for 3 yrs now and I love it. The software is perfect.
—Guest Dee G


When I started my search for a personal home budget program I checked several different types as well as my on. In my opinion YNAB is the best overall. It is user friendly and adaptable for anyone. It is also offering on line training sessions to assist you in preparing and following your budget. YNAB will always be my choice.
—Guest William Tinney


YNAB is my favorite one. I like its simplicity and flexibility.
—Guest fatma


Awesome program and free budeting classes included with the program!
—Guest Amy

Ynab rules

simple and powerful idea simple and powerful software
—Guest Tomer

Not just a budget, it's a way of life

I've been using YNAB for the last three years and it is everything that I've wanted and needed in a budgeting program. It sticks to the fundamentals and succeeds in not being in the way. Because of YNAB I've been able to remain debt free and save up towards purchasing a house. I've been able to help my parents during times that they've struggled through and I no longer have money on my mind. I can spend money and feel good about it knowing that it is within my budget. YNAB has saved me quite a few times when paychecks have come in later than expected due to Jesse's live one month behind philosophy. Also during this time I've gotten married and through the year and a half of marriage we have never once argued over money because we both understand this easy budget and have decided to stick to it. Big thanks go to the community also around YNAB. It's not just YNAB being awesome, it's also the community behind it along with Jesse who is still committed to every customer's satisfaction!
—Guest Oh YongHao

YNAB is the Best

I have long used PC home financial software such as Money and Quicken to manage our budget. I wanted to find a product more specific to budgeting though. I tried Mint but found it to simplistic in its categories and reports. Finally, I discovered You Need a Budget and have used it for one year now with great success. This product is all about budgets -- it does not distract with other financial tasks. It also has the richest support resources including webinar, etc. I vote for YNAB -- and it is under constant enhancement -- it continues to get even better.
—Guest Tom Wardlaw
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