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Readers Respond: What is the Best Personal Finance Software For Mac,and Why?

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The Readers' Choice Awards showcased the best personal finance software and tax software in five categories, as chosen by readers. Share your pick for best personal finance software for Mac with the About.com community, and let us know why it deserves the title of Best Mac Personal Finance Software.

Home Budget Pro Budget Software for MAC

My family has used Home Budget Pro for a while now. We tried several others for MAC. This one is simple and effective. We know where all our money is going and can easily save for bigger bills and long term big unexpected stuff like car repairs. Home Budget Pro also works on a PC and you can access your data from multiple computers.
—Guest Bob

SEE what to SEE at "SEE Finance for Mac"

Like other Mac users, I am tired of waiting for Intuit to accommodate us. I tried other options. iBank has a nice interface but it failed to import my online investments, correctly. iBank still doesn't download from my banks directly. SEE perfectly downloaded my entire detailed investment transaction history back to 2005 from Scottrade. SEE downloads all 5 of my accounts directly from three different banks, simultaneously with one button. SEE 'trial version' is user friendly, and great for familiarizing. ONLY $29.99 if you elect to buy. http://scimonocesoftware.com/seefinance/
—Guest Johnny

SEE so far

After reviewing several programs, I downloaded iBank, only to find I couldn't save my files. Their customer support said they recognized the glitch, but couldn't replicate it. I deleted and reinstalled iBank with success. Then, I tried SEE, which seems more intuiitive after using Quicken for Mac. Quicken Essentials is a disappointment.
—Guest Dave

Ez Budget

We just released Ez Budget for the Mac. It syncs with our iPhone and iPad apps so you can see your budget everywhere.
—Guest Derek

SEE Finance imported my QIF file!

For the past several years I've tried unsuccessfully to import my Quicken 2007 QIF into various versions of iBank and Moneydance, but finally I discovered SEE Finance, which did the job flawlessly!
—Guest Scott Miller

CheckBook Pro

Here's a short video to see if CheckBook Pro is for you. www.quickenrefugees.com I love using it, but I do work for the company that created it :)


Hands Down....Moneywell. I have tried them all. Moneywell was simple to setup and use.
—Guest Carl

You must check out SEE Finance

Of the 12 Mac products you reviewed I can't believe See Finance isn't included because it's one amazing program! I've been a longtime user of Quicken and it was okay until I switched over to Mac 2 years ago.  I'd been using Quicken Premier 2009 on the Windows side and have been having more and more trouble with its glitches, hiccups slowness, and other problems.  So I scoured the market for Mac financial software, looked at many and finally downloaded iBank 4. But when I went to start using it, I somehow stumbled across SEE Finance, and immediately was impressed by all the rave reviews.  Don't know how I missed it on my earlier broad search; it just didn't surface among so many others. In any event iBank is just sitting on my Mac, as yet unopened. In 2 words SEE Fin is simply elegant-simple and straightforward yet with an elegant GUI-and very fast, too. It runs circles around Quicken! Tech supoprt is AAA+++. SEE Finance may be the Mother of Mac Financial! Please check it out!

YNAB is the best

By far, the best personal finance software in YNAB. In my opinion, no other software does a better job of helping me see where my money is going. I have inconsistent income and for me it is very important to forecast how long my money will last and YNAB makes that incredibly easy. Try it out!
—Guest Michael

Tough to choose "The Best"

As an ex-Quicken user, I'd say iBank is probably the best for "Mac" users... BUT it has a LONG way to go before it really is THE BEST.
—Guest Mac Carter

iMoney 2

how about iMoney 2? It's also a air software http://www.imoneysoft.com
—Guest Terry
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