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Readers Respond: What is the Best Software to Replace Microsoft Money?

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Microsoft Money development and production was discontinued in June, 2009. What personal finance software have you switched to as a replacement for Microsoft Money?

Money vs Quicken

I've used Money for a few years (c.2004) and bought Quicken 2012 recently. Quicken may have been good in past but is now fatally flawed. Specifically, the cash flow forecast of Quicken omits budgeted items. Instead, it only bases your future cash available on ACTUAL bills spent or bills scheduled. What's the point of having a budget that doesn't actually show you how much cash you'll have in, say, a month? In switching back to Money, I upgraded to the Sunset Plus edition. It's much cleaner than Money 2004 though you lose the automatic stock price updates. Not a big deal. Loving the new reports and the "Home Inventory" section. I suggest to anyone considering Quicken that they just download MS Money Sunset Deluxe instead. The MS Money team poured their hearts into the final version and it's the pinnacle of personal money management. Thanks guys/gals.
—Guest CJOttawa

D Baldwin

I'm still using Microsoft Money. It still works. I last upgrade via the web and don't have an install CD should I need to replace my 10 year old PC.
—Guest D Baldwin

Looking for a replacement for ms money

I went from ms money to quicken to Redwing Centerpoint for Agriculture accounting. I'm now on Quickbooks and that isn't really working either. I really need the customizeable reports. Can anyone recommend what they're using that would most be like MsMoney in that regard? I did like being able to enter split transactions too.


I was a long time Ms Money user. I switched to Quicken in 2010. Quicken is overrated. MS Money was way better. sadly, have to try and live with Quirky Quicken :-(
—Guest AT

Questions about Sunset

Those of you who have downloaded and are using Money Sunset, I have a few questions: 1. Why do you need it if your regular Money iis working OK for you? I want to be clear why to go to something new, even if it is old. ;-) 2. Are there any problems importing old Money files into the Sunset version? 3. Are there any problems importing .ofx files into the Sunset version? Now, for another Money question: My Money "Ending Balance" in the ledger exactly matches my bank statements. But my Money "Bank Balance" is off from that...with no discernable reason why. Have any of you encountered this? If so, what's the way to reconcile them, or does it even matter? I think the data from my ledger in my budget reports is accurate, and that's what I really want to have, anyway: a way to know where my money is going. Thanks for any help you can offer.
—Guest Susan P.


I have been using Quicken for years and have tried Microsoft Money and others, I will stick to Quicken it is the best

I Still Use Quicken

I have been a Quicken user since the mid 1980s, so I know the program very well. Way back, Intuit was a great company. Software was simple and clean, and did everything I needed, and the company was first rate at responding to user concerns. Success ruined the company, and the software became cluttered with unnecessary garbage with each passing upgrade. I am currently using Quicken Premier 2006, and have to get my price updates using a web trick, but everything works. Here is what I think a good program should do: 1. Flexible accounts and categories with multiple levels. Quicken has this. You can have nested layers of subcategories. Most programs only allow one subcategory for each category, which is a non-starter. 2. Flexible custom reports. Quicken provides this. Investment tracking. 3. Web entry and access from phone, laptop, etc. This is lacking in Quicken. You would think Intuit would work to connect quicken with mint.
—Guest Professor

most robust against data-loss?

Which personal money-management products for Windows offer enhanced robustness against data-loss due to hardware failure? Perhaps using SQL Server Express as the data-store?
—Guest haven888

MS Money user for many many years

After an extensive search, I settled on ACEMONEY. I looked at YNAB but found it to rigid on income source to work for me.
—Guest Jim

YNAB is the best software for budgeting

YNAB excels at what it's supposed to do, i.e., help you budget and plan you finances. No other program is doing this so painlessly and so perfectly as YNAB. Other programs generally give more emphasis on recording and analysing your spending patterns as opposed to planning what you want to do with your money. YNAB's 4 rules are golden for me. Specially the 2nd and 3rd rule are completely unique to the program and is quite ingenious. YNAB (You Need A Budget.com) is the best software for personal finance management out there today. And I suspect it will stay that way. It’s simple, and it’s effective. It will have you saving money from week 1 for the rest of your life. Provided you use it of course. And with YNAB, there’s no excuse not to..
—Guest Chris

Money Come Back!

I was a long time user of MSM and left for Quicken when Microsoft bailed. I think Quicken is a poor substitute but the best alternative to Money. AceMoney and all the rest don't do projected cash flow/account balance reports. This is the most important feature for me. Quicken is just starting to build a graphical report for this and has the look and feel of a high school computer science project. A lot of online reviews revel in the simplicity of all the other tools out there. I'd call them simplistic and useless. Microsoft, please revisit your decision--your people need you!!
—Guest Doug

Better software

Try ynab it the best thing you ever do about two month a go iv tried quicken but it left me with no available funds one day I went to you tube and found ynab tried the seven day trail then I was hooked doing it for two month now
—Guest Alfred


I have used quicken for 2 accounts and MSM for 3 accounts for who knows how many years. I dislike upgrading every couple of years. I bought a basic, uploaded my current files, compiles the year, did EOY. And to 1/2 day to discover that CDs imported, showed up on report, BUT was not included in any of the shown totals. UGH. Recreated "cash" CDs transferred transactions, etc what a pain

Quicken 2011 Worst Version Ever

Manually adding a mutual fund as a new investment account is impossible. It can be done in haphazard way via an online download from the mutual fund company.
—Guest Not Quicken 2011

Wasted my money on Quicken 2011

What a piece of junk software. Stock quotes are incorrect. Whatever feed they use is mixing US and Canadian data for similar symbols. This ticks me off. Please spend your money elsewhere. NOT ON QUICKEN!
—Guest Wasted my money on Quicken 2011

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