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Readers Respond: What is the Best Software to Replace Microsoft Money?

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I've used CommonCents for several years with good results. Its been a solid alternative to MS Money (and Quicken) for our family. It automates the traditional envelope system of budgeting, which is helpful for those trying to apply Dave Ramsey's concepts. Doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" of MS Money or Quicken (nor the ads), but has served us well.
—Guest Steve

Forgot #1 reason to download Sunset

5) It's free. Everywhere else I'm going to have to shell out anywhere between $30-$100 for a new software I might not even like. This is the wrong time of the year for that kind of expenditure.
—Guest Jeorgette

Microsoft Money completely abandon us

Search "Microsoft Money" & look for the link, click on "Sunset" link. Microsoft has created it to take over for the Money program. Cons: 1) Discontinued online services: online quotes, bill payment, statement downloads initiated by Money, data sync with MSN Money. 2) No Assisted Support. Online Help is replaced with a local Help file. Pros: 1) No need to learn a new money management program or suffer their inadequacies (imo, this is the #1 reason I will use this program), 2) If your financial institution provides OFX or QIF statement downloads, it will allow you to import those statements into your Money file, so that you can still update your records with no issues. 3) No activation requirement. 4) It can convert & open older versions of Money; sadly, it can't for non-US versions. It's available in two versions to replace all versions available. I don't use the discontinued features anyway, so it's perfect for users like me. http://www.microsoft.com/money/sunset.mspx
—Guest Jeorgette

Looks like AceMoney will work for me

I downloaded the trial version today and quickly set up all my accounts. The interface seems simple and intuitive and I believe I have found my MS Money replacement for 2011. Thanks to those that recommended this product.
—Guest MattS

Why did MS Money go away?!?

After using Money for 10 years and getting it to work on Windows 7, I live in fear of something happening and losing it entirely. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this website with people who have had the same issue. I agree that Quicken doesn't even come close to Money and is horribly cluttered and cumbersome. The best thing about Money was the Cash Flow tool, but the reports and ability to split trasnsactions was also a huge plus. I will try some of these other suggestions to see if anything comes close. Thanks!
—Guest katerina13

Cash Flow Forecasting

Does any of the packages mentioned here offer the same or close to the same robust cash flow forecasting that MS Money does/did? I simply input income and expenses, download transactions and do a cash flow forecast so I know where I am and want to be. Quicken stinks, if it is my only option then I will go back to spreadsheets.
—Guest Gary

What about the rest of the world ?

Quicken stopped support for France years ago. Mint does not know my bank and cannot be setup without a known bank account... we, non american people, do have money, too. Maybe I should have googled my search for MSMoney replacement in french...
—Guest Aybert

Quicken and overseas reps

Thanks for the info on Quicken. I own it but never have the hours it takes to set it up. Now they want me to renew at an incredible price - way too high for an upgrade. Now that I know they employ people overseas with all the unemployed people in the US I will not use ANY of their products. I do not support any company that does not put America first!
—Guest Jan


The big drawback for me is that I can't print checks with AceMoney.

Quicken Hard to Use

lost msn money , computer failure quicken to hard to use if you are not an accountant.
—Guest lavor05

Question re Ace Money (28Aug10)

I agree with the many critics of Quicken - it is truly inferior software, most likely because it has virtually no competition to prompt real improvements. The Canadian banks seem to provide data download options limited to Quicken, MSMoney, or CSV format. Does anyone know if Ace Money can handle any of these formats? Thanks, Wayne
—Guest Wayne

re : Mint.com

Mint does look pretty good, however I used MS Money for forecasting and account of expenses in the future, not just the present. here, Mint.com doesn't fit. Too bad.
—Guest Bill


Well, there seem to be a major drawback to AceMoney - Categories only have two levels: Category and Subcategory (unlike Quicken) and you cannot see the combined Spending By Categor report. This is the only one report I use. I am used to Quicken but now Quicken said you need to buy a new version and I decided to try others. So this was my experience with AceMoney.
—Guest LGuest


Moneydance is awsome!. It takes a little work to import the data, but well worth it. The development team is really active at improving the product, and the support is amazing. I asked a support question and had a reply in 15 minutes!
—Guest Joe Moore

AceMoney Rocks!

Thanks to everyone who steered me AWAY from Quicken. I was thinking about getting it. Did the trial install of AceMoney. They give you 30 days to try it for free. I knew after only 2 hours that it was what I wanted to replace MS Money! It is a beautifully uncluttered app for personal finacial management. Extremely user-friendly. It has a lot of features that are quite similar to MS Money, but not burdened with a lot of features that I wasn't using. Thanks every one for the tip about AceMoney!

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