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Reader Reviews : Review Quicken Personal Finance Software

User Rating 2 Star Rating (28 Reviews)


Quicken personal finance software has been the best selling desktop financial software for years. Read Quicken reviews from other readers, contribute your own opinion by writing a short review, and check out my Quicken review.

Quicken Can't be Trusted

I have used Quicken for years and my old computer crashed so had to upgrade to quicken Home and Business 2014. I have been using it for 5 months and it's nothing but junk. I don't trust the downloads…More

Quicken 2012 Budget is Useless

The budget function of Quicken 2012 is useless. The point of a budget is to be able to plan. In other software, your future cash is projected in part based your actual spending (recorded bills, incom…More

Quicken Budget Reports Fail

If you need budget reports - stay away from Quicken. Get a more dependable program which although might be as fancy but will still do the work without errors. If reports are what you want this is a w…More

Bring Back the Old Budget!

The Budget 2012 program is too frustrating and useless for me. How about giving an option of using the old (version 2009) budget program that was east to input and easy to revise if you needed to go …More

Quicken 2012 Budget Tool Fails

I have to agree with the review of Wildcatxxx. Quicken has definitely missed the mark with Quicken 2012 Deluxe. The budget tool used to be user friendly. No longer! In past versions, you could set up…More

Not Loving Quicken 2012

This is the worst version of Quicken ever and I have used Quicken since it first came out years ago. The rolling budget will frustrate you and the inability to input negative amounts in your budget w…More

Quicken 2012 Budget is Broken

emailed to Quicken.........................Please refund my purchase price for Quicken 2012.I have uninstalled Quicken 2012.The Amazon Receipt is attached as a PDF file.The new Budget Process makes i…More

Quicken Lacks Good Investment Features

Quicken does seem to handle check tranactions and cedit cards okay, but when it comes to income from a brokerage account it gets mixing reviews at best. For example, managing cash in brokerage accoun…More

Missing Features in Quicken 2012

QH&B 2012 has eliminated the ability to sort Easy Answer reports. In prior years (I've used it since 1994) it has been possible to sort "How much did I spend on..." by payee, date or account. Likewis…More

Quicken 2012 is Problematic

One step update is corrupt. Have to update individual accounts.No provision to use Windows 7 Phone - need Pocket Quicken type smartphone appMore problematic than Quicken 2011Quicken needs to close if…More

No Problems with Quicken After 14 Years of Use

A great program. been using for about 14years. A lot of people say this program is no good, I don't understand. Never had a problem that wasn't caused by me. People say it loses data, no I think peop…More

Quicken Review: It's Junk

The software is poor quality and makes errors which can not be corrected. I have a balance difference that can only be corrected by an adjustment that is not needed. The software made a mistake and n…More

Quicken 2012 Beats Free Software

I just started using Quicken Deluxe, 2012. I think the budget will help me to spend less and focus on my goals for saving up some money instead of spending without thought. I like how the transaction…More

Quicken Has All the Features

I've used Quicken for years, and have tried a few other similar software but they never had all the features I was looking for. Quicken is expensive, but I don't think I can find anything better at a…More

If You're Looking for Personal Finance Software, Don't Start with Quicken

I've been a computer user for a long time. Unfortunately years ago I started using Quicken -- so now my whole financial life is in this format. Because of this I can not easily change software. Over …More

Quicken Needs to Get Easier to Use

It would be nice if you could easily link bill payment reminders to actual accounts. Why can't bill reminders automatically be matched up to cleared transactions? Or, incorporate some of the easiness…More

Quicken 2011 is a Hassle

Say goodbye to what was once a great program and now should be put down like the lame horse it is. I had been using Quicken from its beginning in the 1980's and was always delighted with it, and reco…More

Don't Buy Quicken

Intuit's help phone number is missing. If I had it to do over I would NOT buy this product. Looking for something that is not so complex.Quicken does not offer easy help and wants a Credit Card numbe…More

Quicken: A Source of Frustration

After using MS Money for the last 10 years, Quicken is to me nothing but frustration!!! I am a technical person, not a bean counter, so I work with common logic whenever possible.My main interest is …More

Quicken: What Else Can I Use?

The program has lots of features. However they are not well described on what they are and how to use them, especially on tricky issues or doing any thing out of the ordinary. The program is not very…More

Guest Review: Quicken Desktop Is A Nightmare

This is the worse program I've ever used. I imported my Money file in, and it messed up every account I have. It won't split loan payments into interest and principle. It added extra nonsensical bill…More

Reader Reviews Quicken

I used Quicken a few years ago, and don't remember it being this horrible. I would not pay for this again, and frankly, would not use it if offered to me for free unless it is improved. I've had it c…More

Quicken Has Problems with Importing Data

Years ago Intuit use to be really good. Now it is just bloatware. After install you get pounded with spam messages like getting their credit card and I believe one was about a credit check. The progr…More

Quicken: No Favorite Features

Save your money. After having used Microsoft Money for 15 years, Quicken 2010 was a major disappointment. There are so many problems with this program I don't know where to start. It is clunky to ope…More

Quicken Review: Hello, this is my data calling...

really tired of the crashing; crashes when running one step update, no apparent rhyme or reason; now it is crashing when running reporting... maybe I've got too much data? Hello, this is my data call…More

Quicken Saves Time

I love Quicken Home and Business 2010 and would not want to live without it. I have 4 different accounts in it and it is a lifesaver for me. Husband and I are retired and I don't want to spend all my…More

Quicken Home & Business Easy to Use - Mac Version Needed

I've used Quicken Home & Business for years and find it so easy to use, I even bought software to allow me to use it on my Mac. It's great for a sole proprietor who wants to keep personal and busines…More

Quicken 2010 Home & Business Review: Mobile App, Please

I'm using Quicken 2010 Home & Business. I like the new graphical charts and the calendar cash flow planning the most. I used to use MS Money, but now Quicken is really the only major desktop software…More

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