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Reader Reviews : Review Quicken Personal Finance Software

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Quicken personal finance software has been the best selling desktop financial software for years. Read Quicken reviews from other readers, contribute your own opinion by writing a short review, and check out my Quicken review.

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Quicken Review: Pulling My Hair Out

I use Quicken because last time I looked; there were no other viable options. I hate the product. Over the past months, it has regularly corrupted entered and validated transactions where a transacti…More

Quicken Tech Support

I recently "One-Step" updated to Deluxe 2014. I attempted to synchronize with my bank and my password didn't work. I then contacted customer support who reported some 400+ errors due to incorrectly s…More

Quicken Beats iBank

I have used Quicken for more than a decade now. I have often been exasperated, occasionally stumped, but I have always managed to find my way out of a problem, with or without Quicken support. Paying…More

Living with Quicken Means Having No Life

I was feeling very positive when I purchased the program and then purchased the book Quicken for Dummies 2012. I must be a real dummy because I seem to be downloading each account instead of a one ti…More

Quicken 2012 Budget is Useless

It is a pity that Intuit changed a very good product to something useless with Quicken 2012. The rolling budget is definitely not easier to use, just frustrating.I need to adjust budgets regularly an…More

Quicken is Junk

This is simply junk. it has suddenly stopped working properly - the alerts simply changed to one time events and i cannot edit them. the download feature from my broker, a big one, simply doesn't wor…More

Quicken 2012 Removes Features

Quicken provides automatic downloads from the bank site. That is a "pro".I've been using it for about the last 5 years. I tried to upgrade to a 2010 or 11 version, and ran into problems only to be to…More

Can't Trust Quicken

I don't trust this silly software. One second the planner is telling me I have plenty of money and the next I'm in trouble six months out. And nothing changed except that I logged in one day to the n…More

Quicken 2012 Budget a Huge Disappointment

I am so disappointed with Quicken's 2012 Budget. The UI is terrible. The fact that the budget is frozen for prior months doesn't give anyone a chance to do catch-up work. It assumes everyone is proac…More

Quicken 2012 Budget is Useless

The budget function of Quicken 2012 is useless. The point of a budget is to be able to plan. In other software, your future cash is projected in part based your actual spending (recorded bills, incom…More

Quicken Budget Reports Fail

If you need budget reports - stay away from Quicken. Get a more dependable program which although might be as fancy but will still do the work without errors. If reports are what you want this is a w…More

Bring Back the Old Budget!

The Budget 2012 program is too frustrating and useless for me. How about giving an option of using the old (version 2009) budget program that was east to input and easy to revise if you needed to go …More

Quicken 2012 Budget Tool Fails

I have to agree with the review of Wildcatxxx. Quicken has definitely missed the mark with Quicken 2012 Deluxe. The budget tool used to be user friendly. No longer! In past versions, you could set up…More

Not Loving Quicken 2012

This is the worst version of Quicken ever and I have used Quicken since it first came out years ago. The rolling budget will frustrate you and the inability to input negative amounts in your budget w…More

Quicken 2012 Budget is Broken

emailed to Quicken.........................Please refund my purchase price for Quicken 2012.I have uninstalled Quicken 2012.The Amazon Receipt is attached as a PDF file.The new Budget Process makes i…More

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