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Gingerly Android App

Reader Reviews: What is the Best or Worst Personal Finance Mobile App?

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Andrew

Mobile Personal Finance App

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Personal budget

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Tracking my expenses was something I always wanted to do. But I always end up forgetting. I have tried a number of expense trackers but always end up not using them. Gingerly's key feature is that it reminds you to track expenses. Its the first expense tracker you will actually use.

My Review 

I recommend Gingerly to all those with android devices. Trust me it's the only expense tracking app you'll ever use!


- Easy entering of expense information: Gingerly knows where you are, and over time, learns your patterns of spending as well your movement patterns. So Gingerly can predict the next time you'll visit your local coffee shop, and pre-fill the amount, business name and date/time, and you just have to save the new expense entry.

- Gingerly is the first app where you don't have to do complicated cash-flow calculations in your head. It works great for people who are only interested in tracking against a few categories that I call as impulsive purchase categories - shopping, groceries, coffee, eating out - where you can just configure Gingerly to say you want to spend a certain amount every month. I like the fact that I don't have to enter my income, or link my personal credit cards, since for purposes of tracking impulse purchase categories, I don't really need that info.

- I've also used Gingerly as a receipt scanner and receipt organizer app. While entering an expense, you can also take pictures of your receipts. So the next time you are at a store to return something, open the app, and Gingerly will show you all your receipts neatly organized by date for that store. What I like is that I don't have to fiddle with the phone and go through multiple clicks to get to all the receipts for the store - with Gingerly they are accessible via 1-click from the proximity alert I get on entering the store.

- Location-aware notifications: Gingerly's smart ambient sensing algorithm pokes/notifies you right when you are at the place of purchase, removing the need to "remember" to open the app then or later. In the past, I had downloaded a variety of personal finance management apps: Mint.com, Lemon, Expensify and a host of other apps, however, never ended up them since I'd simply forget to open the app.

- Frequent business travelers can keep track of their receipts with Gingerly, and Gingerly will alert you just when you reach the airport, pick up your rental car, check-in to your hotel, grab breakfast, just when you are at your frequented spot, so you don't have to fiddle with your phone trying to find out which app to use to enter your business expenses.


- Gingerly only has a few preconfigured categories, would love them to allow customization of categories, ability to add categories,

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