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How Do I Set Up Automatic Updates for TurboTax?


Question: How Do I Set Up Automatic Updates for TurboTax?
To be sure that TurboTax updates as often as tax form updates are available, set up automatic updates in TurboTax.
Answer: TurboTax Online customers will always automatically have the latest tax code and software updates. This FAQ only pertains to TurboTax desktop software.

To be sure TurboTax desktop software is set up to automatically update, start TurboTax and:

  1. Click on Online

  2. Click on Connection Preference

  3. Select Connect any time, don't ask me again

  4. Click OK

These settings work perfectly with an always-on Internet connection such as cable or DSL. If you need to start an Internet connection before using a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) or downloading email, you can choose 'Always ask me first' in TurboTax Connection Preferences. If you choose this option, always let TurboTax check for updates when it asks to. You will need to open your Internet connection for TurboTax to check for and download updates.

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