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Giving a Personal Finance Software Download as a Gift

How to Gift Wrap an App or Software Download


Personal finance apps and software can be given as gifts.

Financial Software Makes Great Gifts

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Yes, you can give personal finance software as a gift even if it is only available as a mobile app or a software download. The secret to doing so is all wrapped up in the presentation.

Making Apps and Software Downloads Presentable as Gifts

  • Make a greeting card or an insert for a purchased greeting card and include the software download web address and the registration code.

  • Download the software but don't unzip it or install it. Burn the software to a CD and create a card (see ideas below) with the registration number.

Tips for Giving Financial Software Downloads

  • Need help selecting software to give? Here are tips for choosing financial software for others, which ideas for different classes of the software.
  • Software downloads don't require registration until installed. If the software you want to give is asking for the registration key before it downloads, do not enter the registration and back out of the download process since it will probably install the software on your computer. Instead, give the gift recipient the web address and registration key so they can complete the download on their computer.
  • Some software downloads require a name and address to complete the purchase. If this is the case, use the name and address of the person you are giving the software to. Of course, you will use your own information for billing purposes.

Fun Packaging Ideas for Financial Software Downloads

Here are some ideas for creating packaging for your gift of software.

CD and DVD Packaging from About Desktop Publishing offers all kinds of ideas and instructions for creating your own printed software CDs and DVDs as well as sleeves for the disks.

Also from About Desktop Publishing: Create a Greeting Card Class.

Photoshop Greeting Card Template from About Graphics Software provides a tutorial to walk you through creating a greeting card with Photoshop, complete with a template to minimize the number of steps required.

About Graphics Software also offers Creating a Popup Gift Box with Adobe Illustrator. A pop-up gift box would be a novel way to present the download web site address and registration code for downloaded software.

About Parenting Teens has information on creating greeting cards for all occasions in Homemade Cards Crafts.

About Family Crafts has a 4.5 x 6 inch greeting card envelope template you can use to put your card in.

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