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Help for choosing the right personal finance software for your money management tasks. Personal finance software tutorials and quick tips for budgeting, setting up accounts, keeping financial data safe and more. 
  1. Choosing the Right Personal Finance Software
  2. Setting Up Accounts
  3. Working with Transactions
  4. Set Up Your Budget
  1. Backing Up and Securing Financial Data
  2. Upgrade Your Software
  3. Quicken Tips and Tutorials
  4. Microsoft Money Tips and Tutorials

Choosing the Right Personal Finance Software

Should you buy new personal finance software?

Learn about the benefits of personal finance software and features to look for when choosing software.

Setting Up Accounts

Personal finance software and online bill pay manages money.

The first thing you need to do when you start using personal finance software is to get your financial accounts set up. Avoid common mistakes with these tips for setting up accounts.

Working with Transactions

Enter transactions in GnuCash registers.  GnuCash is free financial software.

Learn how to manage money faster while maintaining a more accurate budget by using different transaction types in your financial software. Transaction splits, memorized transactions and scheduled transactions are three types of transactions found in most financial software.

Set Up Your Budget

Mint.com has excellent budget graphs to help you with tracking your budgeted spending.

Learn how to put together an effective personal or household budget using your financial software, and how to use a budget to keep spending in check or to reach financial goals.

Backing Up and Securing Financial Data

Financial data must be stored securely.

Backing up data in financial software is critical because your valuable financial data can become corrupted or your computer hard drive could crash. Be safe: back up your personal finance data.

Upgrade Your Software

Tablet computers are getting more popular all the time.

Desktop software for Mac and Windows offers upgrades every year or two. Check out these tips for buying and installing financial software upgrades.

Quicken Tips and Tutorials

Quicken Home Page

Learn how to use Quicken and about features, how to keep financial data in Quicken secure, how to set up accounts and budgets with Quicken and much more.

Microsoft Money Tips and Tutorials

Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business - track your small business and personal finances in one place.

Learn how to use Microsoft Money features, how to keep financial data safe in Microsoft Money, how to set up Microsoft Money accounts, how to track taxes in Microsoft Money and much more.

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