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Set Up a Budget in Personal Finance Software

How to Use Personal Finance Software for Budgeting


iBank Personal Finance Software for Mac OS

Budget Set Up in iBank Personal Finance Software for Mac

iBank by IGG Software
Creating a budget is one of the best reasons to use personal finance software. Use your software to easily set up a budget, fine-tune your spending habits and to create reports to keep spending in line with budget goals.

To get started, you need to categorize transactions in all accounts. Not sure what that means or how to go about doing it? Read on for all the details.

What is a Budget Category in Financial Software?
Find out how financial software uses categories to define income and expenses in your budget.

What is a Split Transaction?
Find out what a split transaction is and how they are necessary to accurately categorize spending for your budget.

What Categories Work for Your Budget?
How to define spending categories so you can set up and manage a personal household budget.

How to Use Subcategories
Need more detail in your budget? Learn how to use subcategories to further define financial transactions.

Options for Recording Sales Tax in Split Transactions
Should you budget for sales tax? Should you divide sales tax into subcategories? Or, should you forget about sales tax altogether? Find out which method of recording sales tax is right for you.

Safely Delete Budget Categories
Find out how to delete spending categories and subcategories without messing up your budget reports.

Budgeting Software
There are some really great options available for software that focuses more on keeping a budget than other financial features. If you want to become a budgeting ninja, you need to consider this type of personal finance software.

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