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NolaPro Free Accounting Software

NolaPro is Packed with Accounting Features


NolaPro packs a lot of free features along with an easy-to-use, secure interface and support for multiple currencies and languages. Low cost modules and options are available to expand and customize NolaPro, or to integrate NolaPro with third party software.

NolaPro free accounting software can be hosted on a closed network, a PC running Windows or Linux, or via NolaPro's low cost on-demand hosting service. NolaPro runs securely over the Internet, with no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users and with the ability to handle multiple companies with separate books.

NolaPro Free Accounting Features

NolaPro is free accounting software without ads, nag screens or spyware.
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NolaPro Orders
NolaPro is registered trademark of Noguska LLC
NolaPro is free accounting software without ads, nag screens or spyware. The free license does not expire and can even be transferred, and upgrades are always free. The list of free accounting features in NolaPro is impressive:
  • Complete Accounting
  • Receivables and Billing
  • Payables and Vendor Management
  • Payroll and Employee Data
  • Inventory Tracking and Shipping
  • Order Entry
  • Administrative Control
  • International Support
  • Language Translator
  • VAT/GST Functionality
  • Flexible Currency Setup
  • Ecommerce Features
  • B2B Web Portal
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Editable Shopping Cart

NolaPro General Ledger

NolaPro is free accounting software without ads, nag screens or spyware.
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NolaPro Ledger
NolaPro is a registered trademark of Noguska LLC
Not all employees should have access to all accounting modules, so NolaPro maintains privacy and security with assigned access rights with unique credentials for each user with read, write or set up permissions for each module.
  • Multiple budget support; alter budget at any time without losing original budget.
  • Create your own chart of accounts, import an existing chart of accounts in CSV format or use NolaPro's chart of accounts.
  • Data entry can be corrected with reverse postings.

NolaPro Billing - Accounts Receivable

NolaPro billing module provides real time account aging.
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NolaPro Billing
NolaPro is a registered trademark of Noguska LLC
The billing module provides real time account aging.
  • Set up and update invoices with multiple formats, tax options, and terms.
  • Order entry and shipping updates the Inventory module.
  • Customer information is centralized on one screen.
  • Handles credit memos, interest payments, and credit card transactions.
  • Reporting includes order performance statistics, payment reports, various customer reports, and sales lead tracking.
  • Receivables ties in with Ecommerce shopping cart.
  • Export invoice summaries and reports to a spreadsheet that supports CSV.

NolaPro Accounts Payable

The Payables module directly exchanges information with the inventory module for instant updates.
  • Vendor tracking, lists and labels.
  • Vendor or invoice hold feature for use when disputing charges.
  • Checks post to general ledger and can be printed.
  • Document archives are easy to search and can be retrieved by any department.
  • Reports include payables list, aging and a summary report for account reconciliation.

NolaPro Inventory

For free accounting software, NolaPro offers an especially robust inventory module.
  • Complete P.O. generating system.
  • Inventory reports include tax reporting, inventory analysis, inventory status, history and performance. Reports drill down to details with one mouse click.
  • Define your own item categories, multiple pricing levels, and unit names.
  • When entering items, one click checks for duplication.
  • Tracks committed items from orders, removes committed items from inventory when ordered.
  • Vendor tracking, lists and mailing labels.
  • Manage build orders and bill of material lists.
  • Supports multiple warehouses and plant locations.

NolaPro Payroll

Yearly tax updates are free in NolaPro Payroll.
  • Enter hours worked daily or once for the pay period. Default values for logging hours speeds up payroll processing.
  • Different benefits and deductions can be set up for different unions or groups.
  • Handles state calculations.
  • Print tax deposit checks.
  • Reporting includes unemployment, periodic summaries by employee, 941 and W-2, and a range of employee detail reports.
  • Employee reviews with rating scale.
  • Tracks deductions, taxes, benefits and allows for non-taxable income.

NolaPro B2B

The NolaPro Business-to-Business module, otherwise known as B2B, provides clients and vendors with secure way to conduct business with your company online. The B2B site allows partners to submit inventory and service orders, check the status of pending orders, and make direct payments. The NolaPro B2B module includes reporting to review past purchases, invoices, and payments.

NolaPro Support

Get help for NolaPro free accounting software with many options for NolaPro support.
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NolaPro Support Options
Registered trademark of Noguska LLC
Free support features in NolaPro include training videos and an online demo, and an active online discussion forum for help with NolaPro or to ask accounting questions.

Formal tech support is available, with email support packages for $199 annually ($249/year for non-English support), phone support at $45 per incident and $99 each for installation help or introductory training. It is unlikely that you would need installation help, but it is good to know this support is there - especially for those who host NolaPro on a third party provider. NolaPro is very easy to use, but those who just want to have someone walk them through NolaPro instead of using free training resources will appreciate the introductory training option.

Add-ons for NolaPro

NolaPro Add-ons and fee-based services include expanded reporting, B2B and training options.
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NolaPro Add-ons
NolaPro is a registered trademark of Noguska LLC
NolaPro Add-ons and fee-based services include:
  • 12 month P&L report for $3, Daily Accounting Summary report for $2.
  • User activity reporting.
  • Add graphics in NolaPro's business-to-business web portal.
  • NolaPro hosting service for $17 - $25 per month.
  • Customization for your business.
  • System analysis.
  • On-site or remote training.
  • Data conversion and import.
  • Financial auditing.
Visit NolaPro for the free download and more information. You can also check out add-ons for NolaPro.

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