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Business Plan Pro 11

Business Planning Software Review


Business Plan Pro 11.0 has been rebuilt to utilize the latest technology for increasing speed and to make features easier to utilize for business planning.

Business Plan Pro uses the Easy Plan Wizard to take you through creating a business plan step by step, helping you firm up a business concept, clarify business objectives and establish a suitable business structure. The Easy Plan Wizard helps you define what your business will sell, who your customers are, reasonable sales forecasts and more.

Preparing Your Business Plan

3D Charts in Business Plan Pro - Palo Alto Software
Business Plan Pro includes examples for every part of a business plan. When you find an example that works well for your business plan, copy and past it into your plan and then edit it with your business information.

A charting tool enhances your business plan with an assortment customized 3D charts, and business plans are published in the format approved by the Small Business Administration.

Business Plan Pro 11 offers an improved outline tool and Tasks list, which displays what has been completed in the business plan and what still needs to be done.

Researching a Business Plan

Business Plan Pro includes market research data for over 9,000 industries so you can easily find information for businesses that are similar to the one you are planning for. For example, you can learn about average spending for operations and what inventory levels you should start with.

Business Plan Pro includes a library of 500 sample plans across many industries, from agriculture to wholesale. Choose a sample plan that matches your business concept, then use it as a guide to write your own business plan.

Business funding research tools include a venture capital database and SBA resources, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) Small Business Startup Kit.

Time-Saving Features

Keep It Simple Option - Palo Alto Software
Business Plan Pro 11 has a new streamlined user interface to shorten time required to finish a business plan.

Use the "Keep It Simple" option in Business Plan Pro to get a quick start and to shave time off of creating a business plan.

Find a market research profile in Business Plan Pro that matches the business you are planning and import the profile into your plan and then edit it.

Import your QuickBooks data to eliminate redundant data entry. (QuickBooks Pro 2003-2007, QuickBooks Premier 2003-2007, or QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2003-2007 - US editions).

Error Checking for Your Business Plan

Business Plan Review - Palo Alto Software
  • Following simple instructions, plug numbers into financial spreadsheets required to complete an accurate business plan. Figures entered automatically transfer to other spreadsheets if needed.
  • Business Plan Pro checks your plan for errors and makes recommendations for corrections. A free business plan review is also included.
  • Spell checker and thesaurus.
  • More than a dozen tutorials on the Business Plan Pro web site include a comprehensive introductory tutorial.

Publishing and Distributing a Business Plan

Of course you can print your business plan on paper with Business Plan Pro. Other publishing and distribution options include:
  • Export the business plan to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Save the plan as an Adobe PDF document.
  • Upload your business plan to SecurePlan.com, a secure password-protected website that allows you to quickly and safely share your business plan with multiple individuals.

Future Planning for Your Business

Cash Pilot in Business Plan Pro Premier - Palo Alto Software
Business planning does not stop once the business is up and running. Ongoing planning is essential right from the start.

Business Plan Pro Standard includes a 10-year financial forecast and free downloadable tools for sales forecasting, web site planning and more. The exit strategy guidance for eventually getting out business is important; do not overlook this tool.

Business Plan Pro Premier adds features for future tracking and planning:

  • Dashboard charts business progress and compare planned vs. actual numbers
  • Cash Pilot tool with what-if scenarios related to cash flow
  • Valuation and information for future prospective investors.
  • Advanced planning spreadsheets and the ability to import worksheets from Microsoft Excel

Should You Try Business Plan Pro?

Business Plan Pro makes writing a business plan easier by putting research resources right at your fingertips. Finding information for completing a well-written, well-documented business plan is convenient with Business Plan Pro, making it essential for first time business planners. Those who have completed a business plan in the past will especially appreciate the time saving features, and the advanced features in Business Plan Pro Premier.

Business Plan Pro includes:

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2000 compatible
  • Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish support
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free U.S.-based Tech Support
  • Free offers include Google AdWord credits, two books, legal guide, and more

More Details and Pricing

Business Plan Pro Standard and Premier - Palo Alto Software

Business Plan Pro Standard retails for $99.95, Premier retails for $199.95. There are special editions of Business Plan Pro for nonprofits, those living in the U.K. and a reduced cost academic version used in colleges and high schools.

Check Palo Software for special upgrade pricing for earlier Business Plan Pro versions and for multiple user licenses.

Compare Prices for Business Plan Pro Version 11

Business Plan Pro is packed with more features than can be covered here. See Business Plan Pro Web Site for more feature details, version comparisons and a demo.

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