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How to Customize the Microsoft Money Home Page


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Sections on the Home Page in Microsoft Money
The Home Page in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe will be familiar to Money Plus users.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Home Page

Screen Shot by Shelley Elmblad
The Microsoft Money Home Page is the center for all of money management activities while providing a snapshot of your finances. Use the Home Page to access different sections of the software. For example, clicking on any account in the Favorite Accounts section brings you to that account's register.

The Home Page looks empty when using Microsoft Money for the first time or if you are not using an existing data file. Because Microsoft Money relies on established accounts and categories to assemble information on the Home Page, as data is entered the Home Page starts to fill out while at first it may look a bit sparse.

Default sections on the Microsoft Money Home Page include:

  • Favorite Accounts: Designate accounts as your favorites and Money can automatically download account information from financial institutions for these accounts.

  • Bills and Deposits: Shows account balances, what bills are coming due and which bills have been paid.

  • Spending by Category: View spending reports based on categorized transactions to efficiently track spending.

  • Spending Tracker: Select the areas of spending to keep an eye on and the Microsoft Money Spending Tracker will give you a mini-report on those spending areas right on your Microsoft Money Home Page.

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