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How Do I Locate My Microsoft Money Data File?


How Do I Locate My Microsoft Money Data File?

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Question: How Do I Locate My Microsoft Money Data File?
There are three ways to find Microsoft Money data files on your computer:
Answer: You can find Microsoft Money data files using one of these three methods:

  1. Go into the My Documents folder on your PC and look for Microsoft Money data files, which end with the extension '.mny'. Microsoft Money saves data files in the My Documents folder by default, so you'll find it there unless you specifically told Mirosoft Money to save the file elsewhere.

  2. Do a Window search for files ending with mny:
    1. Click on Start
    2. Click on Search
    3. Click on All Files and Folders
    4. Under "All or part of file name", type *.mny
    5. Click Search
    6. Get a cup of coffee. When you return, Windows will show you the search results for .mny files, along with their locations (example: C:\mystuff\personal\test.mny).

  3. You can also click on File, Open in Microsoft Money. This will show you what folder your data file is located in. If necessary, use the slider at the bottom of the file list to be sure your file is in the folder.
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