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How to Move Quicken Transactions


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Moving Quicken Transactions: Start by Selecting Transactions to Move
Whether you want to move one transaction or several transactions, you can do so in Quicken with a few clicks of your mouse.


  • You cannot move Quicken transactions in investment accounts because they do not have a register like all other Quicken accounts do.
  • Moving multiple transactions at once is supported in Quicken 2005 and later.

Select transactions to move to another account in Quicken two ways:

  1. To select one transaction in Quicken: click on the transaction once with your mouse.

  2. To select multiple transactions: click on the first transaction you wish to move in Quicken then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you click on the remaining transactions. Release the Ctrl key when you are finished selecting transactions.

You know a transaction is selected in Quicken because it will be shaded after you select it.

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