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My Quicken transactions won't download. Help!


Question: My Quicken transactions won't download. Help!
Answer: When you're having trouble downloading transactions, first look to the financial institution that you can't download from. Often, banks and online brokerages will post a notice on their web site or send out an email if they are doing any maintenance that will cause you not to be able to access your data, so it may be that you simply need to wait a few hours before you can complete a download.

If server maintenance isn't an issue, check your Quicken settings for the account against the information from your financial institution on how to set up Quicken downloads. You should be able to find that documentation on the financial institution's support web page, or you can call their customer support.

If your Quicken settings look correct compared to recommendations from your FI, try the following:

  1. Call or email your FI to ask if anything has changed with the Quicken set up or if they are having problems with their file servers.
  2. Try waiting a couple of hours then attempt to download transactions again.
  3. See the Quicken Customer Service website, which has solutions for frequent issues listed under various categories.
  4. If you don't find your answer on the Quicken Customer Service site, call Quicken Customer service at 800-811-8766.

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