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NEAT Receipts Review


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Exporting NEAT Receipts Data to Other Applications
NEAT Receipts exports data to formats for Quicken, Microsoft Money and other financial software.

Export Data from NEAT Receipts to Other Applications

Receipts, documents and data scanned into NEAT Receipts can be saved as or exported to a number of formats, including those for Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money, or any software that imports QIF, OFX and CSV data formats.

Exporting to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word is straight-forward, but before exporting to an Excel spreadsheet for the first time you must map database fields between NEAT Receipts and the spreadsheet column headings. NEAT Receipts explains the procedure for doing this.

Exporting Data to Quicken, Microsoft Money and Other Financial Software
If you will be importing your receipt data from NEAT Receipts to financial software, set up categories in NEAT Receipts that are identical to your financial software categories to avoid problems with budget and other financial reports.

Exporting OFX data from NEAT Receipts to Microsoft Money is pretty straight forward, but if you use Quicken, keep in mind that it will only import QIF data into cash accounts. The NEAT Receipts documentation suggests holding transactions in the Quicken cash account, but this won't work well for those who have receipts from more than one account (which is just about every Quicken user). You will have to import the QIF transactions to the Quicken cash account, then move the transactions to the appropriate Quicken accounts.

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