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NEAT Receipts Review


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Installing and Getting Started with NEAT Receipts
Organize receipts, transaction data, and documents with NEAT  Receipts scanner and software.

NEAT Receipts Scanner

Courtesy of NEAT Receipts

Installing NEAT Receipts is easy. Just follow the direction and take any shortcuts during the NEAT Receipts installation to avoid potential hassles later on.

Plug in the NEAT Receipts scanner, then specify whether you will use the scanner for personal use only (organizing personal and household expenses, manage tax deductible expenses, saving documents) or business use as well (organizing business expenses, creating expense reports). You can change this preference later in the software.

NEAT Receipts gives you an opportunity to view a quick tutorial which explains general use of the software, the scanner, and the receipts, tax reports, business cards and documents modules.

The tutorial also explains how to how to calibrate the scanner using the calibration sheet. Each calibration of the NEAT Receipts scanner takes less than a minute, although multiple calibrations are sometimes required. If you lose included calibration sheet, you can print your own from within the Scanalizer software.

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