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NEAT Receipts Review


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NEAT Receipts Scanner
NeatReceipts comes with a compact and lightweight scanner, software to organize your digital images

NEAT Receipts Scanner

Courtesy of NEAT Receipts

The compact size and 10.6 ounce weight of the NEAT Receipts Scanalizer scanner make it ideal for business travelers. The scanner takes up very little space on a desk, especially when stored in the desktop stand, and connects to your computer with the USB cable, both of which are included with the scanner and software.

Scan a receipt or a document up to 8-1/2 inches wide and NEAT Receipts saves an image of the item and extracts data to the software such as date, amount and sales tax.

The scanner is capable of getting complete scans of unclear or crumpled receipts. The Adjust Image feature, available after scanning an image, works well to darken text on receipts if needed.

Calibrating the scanner is a quick procedure accomplished by scanning the included paper with black markings. The software explains step-by-step how to calibrate, and it told me to insert the calibration sheet face-up, however, the scanner didn't calibrate after running the sheet through the scanner five times. I ran the calibration sheet face-down and finally achieved calibration. I don't know if there was an error in the directions or if I just lucked out on that last calibration scan, but I haven't had to re-calibrate since and get consistently good scans.

The NEAT Receipts scanner auto-sizes, auto-crops and auto-rotates all scanned documents and receipts.

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