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NEAT Receipts Review


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NEAT Receipts Software
NeatReceipts Scanalyzer organizes your receipts, documents, business cards and tax data.

NEAT Receipts Scanalyzer Organization

Receipts, contacts/business cards and documents are managed in NEAT Receipts and can be exported to Quicken, Microsoft Money, QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Excel and HTML and PDF formats.

NEAT Receipts Software is organized into four sections:

Receipts Organizer
The Receipts Organizer is organized by folder type, such as business and personal, and by categories. Scan a receipt or a document up to 8-1/2 inches wide and NEAT Receipts saves an image of the item while the date, amount and other receipt details are recorded.

Tax Organizer
The Tax Organizer offers 116 tax categories to assign to receipts and documents for convenient tax reporting. View income tax information or generate tax reports by Form 1040, tax schedules like Schedules A and E, and tax forms like Form 8829 or 8836. Tax-related data can be exported to TurboTax, Microsoft Excel and other file types.

Documents Organizer
Keep documents organized in descriptive folders in the Documents Organizer, which has a good search function for locating documents quickly. Examples of documents you might scan with NEAT Receipts include insurance policies, contracts, detailed receipts from charitable contributions, report cards and recipes cards.

Business Cards and Contacts
The Business Card organizer extracts contact information from scanned business card to populate contact information in the software, complete with a copy of the scanned card. To search through contacts, use the search function or click on A-Z tabs at the top of the contacts window. Contacts can be exported to or synchronized with Outlook and Plaxo.

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