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Personal Home Inventory Software for Windows and Mac


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Know Your Stuff (Windows or Mac)
Entering an item in Know Your Stuff free software for documenting q home inventory.

Know Your Stuff is Free Home Inventory Software

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Know Your Stuff from the Insurance Information Institute is free home inventory software for Windows and Mac. Know Your Stuff comes with a long list of home inventory item categories to organize your inventory, and you can delete categories you do not need and create your own inventory categories.

The Donation Room is automatically created in Know Your Stuff. Use this "room" to track your non-cash charitable donations.

Insurance Documentation
Import multiple images of inventory items, rooms and the exterior of your home in Know Your Stuff. Know Your Stuff also supports scanned images of receipts and appraisals for each item.

Data Files and Back Up
Know Your Stuff suggests backing up your home inventory to Vault 24 online back up service, although this is not required. If you elect to buy a subscription to Vault 24, plans are priced at $14.99 to $79.99 per year. You can back up to a CD or USB drive, and Know Your Stuff will export CSV data.

Home Inventory Reports
Know Your Stuff includes five reports: household summary, details by room, details by category, images with inventory item names and locations and receipts.

Know Your Stuff appears to be a marketing vehicle for Vault 24 online storage service, which is integrated with the Know Your Stuff inventory software. However, Vault 24 is not required to use Know Your Stuff. The only complaint I have about Know Your Stuff home inventory software is that entering the purchase date for an item requires the use of a pop-up calendar and up to five clicks. Still, this inconvenience is minor for free home inventory software.

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