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Personal Home Inventory Software for Windows and Mac


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Binary Formations Home Inventory Version 2 (Mac)
Home Inventory for Mac is fast, functional and fun to use.

Album View in Binary Formations Home Inventory Version 2 for Mac

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Along with strong item tracking capabilities, Home Inventory Version 2.0 for Mac comes with insurance alerts and reports to let you know if you are under- or over-insured.

Insurance and Warranty Documentation
Associate items in your inventory with the appropriate sections and coverage on your insurance policies for insurance reporting. Attach multiple warranties to an item so you have extended and supplemental warranty information available with the original warranty.

Unlimited images can be associated with each home inventory item, and you can drag and drop images from other applications. Attach notes and files to inventory items to track repairs and to have the product manual handy.

Album View
Manage all image files and receipts in Home Inventory's album view and associate them with items directly from Album View. Using Album View, photos and receipts can be imported at once and easily attached to inventory items.

Back Ups and Data Files
Multiple properties can be inventories, and data can be backed up to your MobileMe account. Home Inventory imports and exports data, including photos and receipts, and data is password protected.

Home Inventory Reports The coverage analysis report tells you if have adequate insurance coverage for possessions and identifies items that are not fully covered by insurance. The insurance coverage warnings section alerts you if insurance coverage limitations have been exceeded.

Available reports include a detailed inventory item report, compact summarized reports, and moving/packing reports. Reports are customizable and can be printed or saved to a PDF file.

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