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SplashMoney Personal Finance Software Review

SplashMoney Windows and Mac Personal Finance Software

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SplashMoney Mac or Windows is easy to use personal finance software with a simple budget feature.

SplashMoney Account Register View

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SplashMoney for Windows or Mac Desktop is easy to use, handles personal finance accounts and simple budgets, and optionally synchronizes with SplashMoney for Palm, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. SplashMoney also has an iPhone app.

Updated: July 6, 2010

SplashMoney for Desktop is recommended for:

  • First time users of personal finance software.
  • Anyone who wants a simple solution to track spending, organize accounts and keep a budget.

SplashMoney for Desktop is not recommended for:

  • Financial software power users.
  • Those who actively track investments.

SplashMoney Keeps Things Simple

SplashMoney is easy-to-use personal finance software with a simple interface. You won't find advanced features like a debt reduction planner or retirement planner in SplashMoney, but the software is great for managing financial accounts, putting together and tracking a budget and getting basic financial reporting.

Main features are accessed by clicking on tabs at the top of SplashMoney, giving easy access to account registers, personal financial reports, budgets and the account reconciliation feature. SplashMoney supports checking, savings, credit card, cash, asset, liability, money market and line of credit accounts, but not investment accounts.

Account registers are uncluttered and transactions can be defined with categories, transaction splits, and classes. Click on one of the small icons at the bottom of account registers to enter, edit or delete transactions.

Setting Up Accounts and Budgets

Account set up in SplashMoney is straight-forward with an option for downloading transactions directly from financial institutions to account registers using Direct Connect. Enable online account access, then choose your bank from a list of financial institutions which includes most major banks and some not-so-major banks.

Direct transaction downloads from small regional banks are unlikely to be supported, but if your FI is not listed, you can download transactions from the FI using one of three common data import types: OFX, QIF or CSV. Save the imported data file on your computer, then drag the file to the appropriate account in SplashMoney and the transactions appear in the register. While direct downloads are easier to use, this procedure took me all of three minutes to finish.

To set up a budget in SplashMoney click on the Budget tab, double click an income or expense category, then enter a monthly budget number in the pop-up window. SplashMoney only allows for monthly budgeted amounts, so semi-annual and quarterly bills require calculating the annual cost and dividing the cost by 12 to come up with a budgeted amount for each month.

Financial Reports and Saving Time

Personal finance reports in SplashMoney include handy drill-down reports in the Budget feature which show transactions associated with a budgeted category. Spending reports can be customized to show spending by category, payee, etc. over a selection of time periods, and can be viewed as a pie graph or in text. Double click on a budgeted item in a spending report or graph to see a report of transactions associated with the item during the period the report covers.

SplashMoney features that save time and enhance ease-of-use:

SplashMoney does not automatically categorize downloaded transactions like Quicken or Mint does.

Should You Try SplashMoney?

SplashMoney Desktop for Windows and Mac costs $19.95, has a 60-day money back guarantee, and you can try before you buy with a fully-featured 30-day free trial. SplashMoney for Palm, Win Mobile or Blackberry syncs with SplashMoney Desktop and costs $29.99 (includes desktop version). SplashMoney for iPhone runs $4.99.

Consider SplashMoney if you want easy-to-use, reasonably priced personal finance software with decent customization options and without the extensive list of advanced features found in more advanced desktop software like Quicken.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, XP or Vista
  • Mac OS 10.4.11 or later
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