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Quicken Medical Expense Manager Review

Essential Software for Managing Medical Expenses

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Quicken Medical Expense Manager Review

Quicken Medical Expense Manager

Courtesy of Intuit
Quicken Medical Expense Manager organizes medical and insurance transactions, making it a valuable tool for managing health care costs. Version 2 adds new and improved features and Intuit offers a 60-day money back guarantee on Quicken Medical Expense Manager, making it worth a try.

Quicken Medical Expense Manager Organizes Healthcare Expenses

The sole focus of Quicken Medical Expense Manager is on managing healthcare expenses and insurance, making it especially helpful for the chronically injured or ill, large families and anyone who has multiple insurance carriers.

Quicken Medical Expense Manager tracks and organizes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Tax deductions
  • Medical and prescription history for multiple individuals
  • Insurance payments and deductibles
  • Billing or claims disputes, and flexible or medical spending accounts

Quicken Medical Expense Manager Features

  • Simplified Help. Primary data entry screens in Quicken Medical Expense Manager have links to help relevant to the area of the program you are working with. Press the F1 key at any time for context sensitive help for the screen being used.

  • Tabbed organization. Click a tab at the top of the screen to move between types of reports or to view the expense log (over view of all expenses) by person.

  • Healthcare billing becomes understandable. Quicken Medical Expense Manager removes confusion over how much you owe healthcare providers and lets you easily identify billing errors.

  • Keep your data private. Encrypt your sensitive healthcare and medical information with password protection.

  • Keep your data secure. Use the simple data file backup feature to keep a copy of your data in the event of a computer crash or other catastrophe.

Quicken Medical Expense Manager Reports

Some reports in Quicken Medical Expense Manager can be conveniently sorted by columns such as person, service, status and more.

  • Cost calculator: calculate totals for services by person, provider, reason, dates, etc.

  • Deductible and OOP Max: Track progress toward meeting deductible and out of pocket limits per policy by viewing bar charts.

  • Tax deductions: Reports by date and by person on possible medically-related tax deductions.

  • Medical and Medication History: Print individual medical histories (reports do not reveal financial information) to share with your doctor or pharmacist.

  • FSA: Get help calculating your contribution to a Flexible Spending Account for the coming year, and use a sortable report to see FSA-related expenses throughout the year.

Quicken Medical Expense Manager Version 2 Improvements

  • Track multiple services in a single expense. Split single expenses (for example, a hospital visit) into individual services (for example, X-rays, getting a cast, renting crutches).

  • Track installment payments on individual expenses.

  • Track multiple insurance policies. Quicken Medical Expense Manager tracks the amount paid per insurer toward a medical expense.

  • Find and recover overpayments to providers. Overpayments to a medical provider show up as a negative balance in Quicken Medical Expense Manager and are also flagged for your attention.

  • Hide obsolete entries if you change doctors or insurance. Entries remain for your records but can be hidden to reduce clutter.

  • Easy-to-scan calendar. View expenses and reminders in the calendar.

  • Quicken Medical Expense Manager Calculator. Assists with entering numbers, calculating percentages, and more.

  • Track provider write-offs or allowances. No more adjusting bills manually after you receive your EOBs.

  • Reminders. Desktop reminders for healthcare-related items tell you when to refill prescriptions, make appointments, etc.

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