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Quicken 2007 Strives for Simplicity

Quicken 2007 Reveiw


Quicken 2007 Strives for Simplicity

Quicken 2007

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Quicken 2007 Improves on Existing Features

Quicken 2007 concentrates on making existing features easier to use, which makes sense because Quicken is already packed with features. There are four versions of Quicken 2007: Quicken Basic, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business. I have noted which versions include features mentioned.

Quicken 2007 Attachments

Quicken Attachments was one of my favorite Quicken 2006 features. Using Quicken attachments is faster and easier in Quicken 2007 because no additional software is needed to create most attachments. If you want to create an attachment of a webpage or part of it, you will need an easy-to-use screen capture utility like SnagIt. With Quicken 2007, you can attach images directly from your scanner, from a computer file, or cut and paste images using your computer's clipboard. Quicken 2007 attachments allows for multiple attachments and attaching multiple-page documents to each transaction or account. The Quicken attachments feature is available in all Quicken 2007 versions except Quicken Basic.

Online Account Setup

Quicken 2007 makes setting up your online accounts much faster than in earlier versions. Where Quicken 2006 required 26 steps to set up online accounts, Quicken 2007 only takes 10 steps. Enter your user name and password for one FI, and Quicken 2007 finds all accounts you have with that institution, sets them up and downloads your transactions.

Other online account enhancements are being able to work in Quicken 2007 while your account data downloads, one-click account downloads from about 4,000 FIs and an easier process for changing account passwords. Online account access is available in all versions of Quicken 2007.

Easier Backups in Quicken 2007

Backing up your data with Quicken 2007 requires just a few mouse clicks, whether you backup to removeable media such as a CD or USB drive or you choose to use the very affordable Quicken Online Backup service. Quicken Online Backup is optional to use, but is integrated with Quicken 2007 to make backing up easier than ever. Every third time you use Quicken 2007, you will be prompted to back up your data files to ensure you do not forget to do so. Both backup features are available in all versions of Quicken 2007.

Improved Quicken 2007 Calendar

The Quicken Calendar is now integrated into the Quicken home page. This enhancement should have been added long ago, although it can be accomplished in recent Quicken versions by customizing a Quicken view. The new Quicken 2007 Financial Calendar color codes paychecks and bills to make them easier to identify. The projected daily balance is noted at the bottom of each day on the calendar. This balance fluctuates depending on income and expenses. You will find the improved Calendar in all versions of Quicken 2007.

New: Projected Cash Flow in Quicken Home Page

I have saved the best feature for last. The new Quicken home page shows your projected income, projected expenses, and the difference between the two (simply called What's Left). The Cash Flow Projection is a very simple visual representation of your finances, but this simple detail lets the Quicken home page get right to the point: are you going to be in the red or safely in the black for the month? The simplicity of the Projected Cash Flow module in Quicken 2007 is also great for those who are new to using personal finance software. Quicken's Projected Cash Flow lets you clearly see your net cash flwo for the month, allowing you to offset overdrafts before they happen. Projected Cash Flow is available in all versions of Quicken 2007.

Should You Buy Quicken 2007?

If you use Quicken attachments frequently or you need to have your financial bottom line represented right up front, you need to seriously consider upgrading to Quicken 2007. If you use Quicken 2005 or earlier, I especially recommend upgrading, but even Quicken 2006 users can benefit from the greater simplicity of Quicken 2007. Those considering Quicken as their first personal finance software package will benefit from the simplified Quicken home page and the much easier online account setup, attachments, and backup features in Quicken 2007.

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